March 16, 2016

on mutton bustin

So I'm sure you are all just dying know how Darius Rucker was.

And I'll get there eventually, but first we need to discuss some other business. 

I've mentioned in the last one to fifteen previous posts that Rodeo is happening in Houston right now. Up until this past Friday we had only done the extra events happening during Rodeo like the wine garden, the Livestock show, the wine garden, the carnival, and the wine garden (times two!). I only thought we had experienced Rodeo, but I was so wrong.

So wrong. 
Don't ever tell Freddie that those words came out of my mouth/fingers. 

Freddie and I popped into the (you guessed it!) wine garden before the Darius show so we could capture this moment forever and always:

And when we headed into the stadium we were met by cheering fans. I mean, screaming, yelling, hootin' and hollerin' fans! What was going on?! Were we going to see a real life cowboy lassoing a real life cow?! Or a real life cowboy doing tricks and stuff on a horse?! <----this shows my lack of Texas, Rodeo, and/or cowboy knowledge. 

We sat and saw a child clinging onto a sheep with all of his/her might as the sheep bolted across the field. The child slowly started to slide down the side of the sheep and finally fell off. The sheep stepped all over the child's face. The child's face was protected by a helmet, BUT but but but what?!?! This kept happening. Child after child after child. The man next to me would throw his fist in the air every time a child made it across the entire field without letting go. Because Yes! We should cheer when children don't get stomped by sheep! 

I didn't know if I should cheer or laugh or...? It felt very much like Hunger Games. 

Until I was informed it was called Mutton Bustin' and it's a real thing. And kids love it. And everyone in the state of Texas loves it. So I guess that means I love it now, too. 

Maybe. Freddie and I did decide our future children will be Mutton Bustin' stars so there's that.  

Okay, back to the real star of the show: Darius.
I went back to an old Darius post to link it ^^ there and realized I have three to four posts about Darius so 1) I am sorry 2) You are welcome and 3) I promise I'm not that creepy. Ish. 

Go see Darius Rucker in concert and definitely sing at the top of your lungs. Which is exactly what Freddie and I did and maybe it's why the guy next to me left early...oops. When we were leaving Freds was talking about how Darius is such a cool dude because he plays what the fans want. He doesn't play his newer stuff that no one knows, but instead plays all of his hits of all time. And I was like duh, Freddie, that's why he was/is the best neighbor and friend of all time. 

I'll leave you with this gem from my Timehop yesterday.
I mean, it's almost like I wrote the book on how to take the best/creepiest/blurriest stalker pictures. 
From shopping for spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine to singing about spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine. 

We're headed back to Rodeo tonight (we can't stay away) (I see you wine garden, be there soon) for Jake Owen. I think I know a whopping one song of his, so I'll be sure to focus more on the bulls and sheep and horses and cowboys. And stuff.
Cowgirl out. 


P!nky said...

So glad Darius Rucker was a blast, he sounds like he'd be great in concert. And the lil kids on the sheep, too funny. I remember the first time I saw that I felt like I missed my calling in life.

birdie to be said...

So fun! Glad you had such a good time and that he was so good in concert.

Hippie in Heels said...

Glad you're having fun. I can't handle the children being stepped on by sheep thing... their boor undeveloped brains...(hello first grade teacher voice).

Morgan Apfel said...

LOL we went to the rodeo last year and I couldn't believe that either. Like if I was a child I would so terrified. Heck I'd be terrified now lol. I thought it was so cute though a little girl won when we were there.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I seriously think that everybody in the city of Houston tries to get their kids enrolled in Mutton Bustin' because it's so awesome! It's even funnier when they ask the kids how they practiced and they say on Daddy because it's so funny yet kind of sounds creepy. So glad that y'all had a great time at Darius Rucker, and hopefully Jake Owen will live up to the high standards that were set!

Meg Taylor said...

Woooowww rodeos sound insane!! I LOVE your creepy stalker photo of Darius... I've seen him a couple of times at Publix, but he totally made eye contact with me before I could take a photo - busted!! Now I cannot wait for Hootie Homegrown again this summer :)

Kayla MKOY said...

You guys are killing me with all this fun!!!! :) what a way to experience Texas! That Darius timehop picture is hilarious!

Erin LFF said...

So much stinkin' fun!! I'm glad you are soaking in all the Rodeo-ness (?) and learning all about it. I love your stalker pics and I am basically dying to see him in concert now!


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