March 18, 2016

friday favorites: the st. patty's day soup

This week went by in the slowest/fastest way possible. Apparently it's Spring Break here in the H-ton which means that one day traffic seems non-existent and the city seems empty, and the next day you feel like everyone and their mom and grandma and grandma's BFF came into town for #sb16, baby. 

**Please note I only drive three miles to work so I have no idea what I am talking about when I say traffic.
Moving on. 

Favorite Song
Intro to House of Cards. 'Nuff said.
Are you/have you binged watched this season?
Please say yes. 
Also apparently this video has the intro looped for ten straight minutes. 
Bonus points if you don't stop it. 

Favorite Food
Freddie and I celebrated St. Patrick's Day as any good, not-green-but-red-blooded, er Germans, would: with Julia Child's French Onion Soup.
Julia Child French Onion Soup
I love it when Freddie cooks, but I really love it when Freddie cooks this soup. In fact, this picture is from four years ago and it's probably the real reason I got married to him. Honesty is the best policy after all. 

Favorite Pilates Move
Open Leg Rocker
Open Leg Rocker
Have you ever slammed on your brakes before? That's cool. Now hows about you slam on your abdominal brakes and get down to massage your spine with some Open Leg Rocker action? Pro-tips: Keep your gaze on your thighs. Pull your belly button to spine, especially when rocking up. <---there's the whole slamming on your abdominal brakes to help you balance at the top. Pull your inner thighs together to help your body find stabilization. 

Favorite Target Purchase

I may have gone a bit Target crazy recently. You know what? That's a lie. I only ordered a whopping four items online, but for some reason they all shipped separately. Now I love getting mail just as much as the next Blogger Betty, but sometimes I want all my Target grub in one big box on the same day! Ugh, is that too much to ask, First World, is it? But guys/dudettes/ladies/y'all, when did they get such cute workout gear? No, but seriously, when? I feel like I go in there weekly and somehow I missed all of this new cuteness. Hmmm, I have been pretty bad about wearing my glasses lately always. That must be it.

Favorite Lupe Picture
Yippee Lupe
I think this is the definition of what the kids call PTFO (omg did I use an abbreviation the right way? IKR? LOL. LTIWHCNTW). 
God dangit, I love this dog. 

Happy Friday!
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P!nky said...

I have that target shirt on my want list, have bought it yet though. Julia's french onion soup sounds and looks amazing, I need some now.

Hippie in Heels said...

I LOVE that top!!! So cute. Aren't dogs the BEST!!!!

Meg Taylor said...

That top is fantastic!! As for HOC, sometimes when Netflix decides we've watched too many episodes and skips over it, I make Mike rewind it just to sing along to it again (yes, I sing along to the music).

Erin LFF said...

3 miles?! Don't talk to me ;) Jk Jk- I totally get the separate boxes thing- like cmon I want CHRISTMAS all in one day! Not separate random shipments. Also- Lupe♥♥♥

Kayla MKOY said...

Lupe is the cutest. That rocker move looks insane and I'm sure I'd break something if I tried it ;)

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

From somebody who lives in the burbs, the traffic this week in Houston has been outstanding! It usually takes me over an hour to drive in to work (without hopping in the HOV lane), and this morning it only took me 30 minutes! It was heaven! Lupe is seriously so adorable! I love when they just pass out and cuddle with you!

Darcy said...

I really hate how Target ships sometimes! I mean, yes it's nice to get stuff quickly but there is just so much waste shipping every item of my order separately!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

target's shipping is ridiculous sometimes. that top is cute though!
what does PTFO mean?! i suppose i could google it, but eh.


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