March 11, 2016

friday favorites: the food baby becomes triplets

Let's all agree that this week was long, that we're glad the weekend is here, and that we all need three to four mimosas about now. 
Moving on. 
Favorite Song
Come Back Song by Darius Rucker.
Oh hey, we're headed to see Darius tonight, Rodeo style, so...don't be jelly, but #neighbors4life.
p.s.- This video makes my heart hurt because I'm not in Chucktown anymore. Whine whine cry cry. 

Favorite Food
Friends being in town means my trying new places and/or eating so much my food baby becomes food triplets. These cookies though are worth all the extra work that will come along with triplets instead of an only child. We brought a half dozen of these cookies home and Freddie's response: Wow. These might be the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. 

I added no exclamation points in that quote because men. Am I right? Can never use excitement in their voices, but just know that he meant: WOW!!!!!! These might be the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have EVER had!!!! In my whole entire life!!!!!

Favorite Part Of Rodeo So Far
Two words, lots of love: Wine Garden. Why would anyone choose to crap their pants on a cheaply set-up carnival bungee jump or sit at the Livestock Show where you can get about eleven different whiffs of animal poop when you can sit on the grass, in the shade, in a wine oasis. People, come to Rodeo and find me at the Wine Garden.
 I'll be the one looking like this^^^. Holler. 

Favorite Pilates Move
We made it to the last exercise in the Ab Series of 5, Criss-Cross. Real talk: how excited are you and how sore are your abs? (I know some delicious chocolate chip cookies that help sore abs...) 
Pro-tips: Instead of thinking elbow to opposite knee as you twist, think armpit to opposite thigh. This will help you get a deeper connection in your obliques. Shoulders can try to stack, but keep equal weight under your hips on the floor. 
This gif is brought to you by the word forgetful and five minutes ago.

Check out the whole series:

Favorite Purchase
So the other day I was just browsing the Target website (just another Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday night) when I found these babies.
Holy These Boots Were Made For Showing Off I can't wait to get them in the mail, and I will more than likely turn into Grumperella if they don't fit. 
Plz fit, shoes. 

Happy Friday!
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The Siberian American said...

I have a bunch of visitors coming into town for the next three weekends, and that will definitely be me! Trying new places and eating all the food! Haha. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

P!nky said...

Friends in town is the best, but man does it make the food babies come out. Eeeesh, we had that a few weeks ago.

BTW, love the top in the wine drinking picture.

Meg Taylor said...

Lupe wants to get in on the pilates action, too :) How have I never seen the video for Come Back Song?! I'm at work and it's even making me want to go out and explore the city today - high of 84 IN MARCH... how nuts is that?!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Why would you ever sit anywhere than a wine garden ever?! I want those cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are my jam.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Oh my goodness those boots are amazing! The design on them is so neat! Ok, this is so weird I know, but after however many years of living in Houston and going to the Rodeo, we still have never been to the wine garden, and we're huge wine people! Obviously this needs to change soon! I hope you have a blast at Darius Rucker tonight! The Rodeo normally starts around 7 during the week I think (the time should be online), and the concert normally starts about 9ish. Bull riding, the calf scramble, and mutton bustin' are the last events, so you can still see the best parts if you get there a little later :)

Kayla MKOY said...

You will totally pull those boots off!! :) I need to do that pilates move. Gotta get that flat belly for Summer!

Ashley said...

Ok....deliverable chocolate chip cookies??!!! Bring on the food triplet babies...those things look amazing!!!

Jenn, said...

Um, love those booties! How cool are they?! Also, my dog also assists me while working out... except he thinks it's playtime and drops a ball on me. :P

Lita said...

Ummmm I need an update on your concert!! I love Darius Rucker and can only imagine how great it was :)



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