March 4, 2016

friday favorites: the synarthrodial one

We did it!
And by it I mean we made it to Friday. 
FriYay, am I right or...or nothing. Because I am right on this one.

Favorite Song
Once again Google Play Playlists win at everything. This gem came on the Leap Back: Hits from 1996 playlist and it just makes me want to stand up and dance it out like it is 1996. Which I think I will do now. I was seven years old in 1996 so I'm sure I had some mean dance moves. 

Favorite Food
fried oreos
Deep Fried Oreos. Duh. 
But also, ew. My stomach is churning just looking at this picture from last weekend.
But maybe hashtag worth it? 

Favorite Thing That Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Face
studying joints
I'm not sure who named all things anatomy related, but can I just say a big fat SCREW YOU to that dude or gal? Because there are so many things that begin with "syn-" or "sym-," but they're not necessarily directly related to one another and my brain just can't. Can't even. Like why are synovial joints classified under diarthrodial joints and not synarthrodial joints?! Wouldn't the world be a better (and definitely easier) place if all the syn's were together?? Yes. Yes, it would. Don't even get me started on symphysis, synchondroses, and syndesmoses. 

You know when people say they are knee deep or waist deep in something? Yeah, well if you can't tell I'm about 5th rib deep in anatomy studying and ugh. 

Favorite Pilates Move
double straight leg stretch
Let's step away from the not-so-glamorous side of Pilates certification (cough, anatomy) and move on to the fun part, the movement! We've covered three of the five exercises in the Ab Series of 5---Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, and Single Straight Leg Stretch. Today's #4 is the Double Straight Leg Stretch. Hands stacked at the base of the skull and elbows stay wide. Inhale as you lower the legs to YOUR challenge point (i.e.: as far as you can go without buckling your lumbar spine and disconnecting the front of your body), exhale and lift the legs back to 90 degrees. Pro-tips: Breathe, seriously. It will help the movement so much. Don't go too low, seriously. It will do more harm than good. 

Favorite Thing Ever
Photo via the year 2008 . Thanks, 2008. 
T-minus nine hours until I am picking up Wi at the airport. Which also means t-minus nine and a half hours until we're all eating the shiz out of some fajitas. ! ! ! Did you just hear me say fajitas?!
Do you ever just stand back and watch some of the sweet airport reunions? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we'll be making a scene as one of the airport reunions where nearby people are like Shut. Up. Already. 
Read more about adventures with Wi here and here
Side bar: Her real name is Laura. So calm down, I don't have friends with weird names. Or do I?...

Happy Friday!
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Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Deep fried anything is always hashtag worth it, but definitely if they're deep fried oreos from the Rodeo! Hooray for your friend coming into town! Doing the crazy excited reunion is always the best part about picking somebody up from the airport, so you should totally do it!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Deep fried Oreos YUM. I ate a deep fried Snickers once. I was so happy/disgusted with myself all at once. Uhhh no thank you with the anatomy! I stay away from all things science-related. Good luck!

Meg Taylor said...

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy those fajitas!! Not-so-humble brag, but I make the best fried oreos. Yes, we have our own deep fryer, and they are surprisingly easy to make!

Darcy Lynn said...

Deep fried oreos definitely sounds like something I need to try!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i have never had a deep fried oreo.. i don't think my stomach could handle it haha. have fun with your friend!!

Carly Messmer said...

My belly gets a little upset just thinking about deep fried Oreos! Ha! But fajitas? Bring them on!

Erin LFF said...

I completelyyyy forgot about that song- but what a good one!! Can we talk about how weird that video is though!? LOL- why does she have boots on her hands at one point!? ;) HAVE SO MUCH FUN with your airport reunion (love those) and all the fajitas in the land!!


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