July 13, 2015

west coast, birthday coast

Remember last July when we came to California and I wrote a whole post about how that magical trip changed my life? Not dramatic at all (because it's not! Changed my freaking life! Pinky promise!). That trip is what spurred Freddie to find a job that made him happier. That trip is what spurred our adventurous spirits and we decided it would be fun to explore and live other places. That trip is, in my mind, kinda the reason we're here in Houston now. Freddie with a job he lurvey lurves and me pretending like I'm soooooo adventurous. Listen, I don't have to use Google maps anymore when I go to the grocery store. Take that, adventure. I win! 

Well, I'm back! In the San D, Sunny Cali, that is. Cali, baby! West Coast, Best Coast and all that. One of my best friend's (WI!) birthday is two days before mine. Hey! Hold up, that means her birthday is today. Happy Birthday, Wi! We used to spend our birthdays together every year because hello, ballet camp. It's what the cool kids would do every summer. 

2005 birthdays. Washington DC. Washington Ballet birthday girls. 

Then we grew up (big ew) and Wi became a doctor in California while I became a wife and little Pilates trainee in Houston. That meant we didn't get to spend our birthdays together anymore. If this were a text I would take this opportunity to insert all the cry face emojis. Wah! Wah!

But we are together again for our birthday madness! Insert all the happy cry face emojis here. Eek! Eek! Excuse me while we watch birthday sunsets. 
And eat birthday brunches. 
And take birthday ballet classes (and feel like 60 year old birthday girls because ow. Take me back to full time dancing days), And probably eating some more birthday meals and maybe complaining about sore birthday ballet bodies. Oh dear, so much to do!

And yes, we will be recreating that picture up there since we are now ten years older and finally together again on birthday fun week. Spoiler alert: I have the same zits on my forehead and we both still look like small children.

Now it's time to party, West Coast style!


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I love this! Have a great time in California! So great that you guys get to celebrate your birthdays together again. And happy birthday to your friend!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

aw this is so fun! hope you all have a blast.

Katie at Better Off Benedict said...

Awe I love that you guys are getting to celebrate together again. Enjoy the west coast :) also, I think blogger should let us use emojis in our posts. They just show our emotions so well!

Laura Darling said...

Have a blast!

Ashley said...

Girl! I need to actually take a class...it's so different after not taking it all day every day, right? Glad you did it though! Have so much fun celebrating!!!

Erin LFF said...

Eeek! Have SO SO SO much fun!! :) Cali keeps popping up on my radar for 2016 vacation possibilities... so I'm going to go re-read your post now. Thanks, BYE ;)


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