July 27, 2015

what's in a name?

I always knew I would change my last name when I got married. Actually it's not that I always knew that, it's really more like something I never thought about much. It wasn't a big deal. My brain was too full with Lizzie McGuire quotes to deal with things like future name changes. 

We got married, and I did go on to legally change my last name. It was fairly painless and relatively quick to get rid of a name that I had had for decades. Just like that my legal name no longer contained Moore anywhere. 

What. The. BLEEP?! Enter identity crisis mode. Who am I? What's my name? What do I say when people ask my last name? Do they think I'm lying? I mean it's legal, BUT I FEEL LIKE A MOORE! I'm a Moore! I'm Emily Moore. That's me. That's who I am. 

Long yada yada story short, I never really felt like a Weiss. Whatever that even means, but look...I just didn't. 

All of this changed for me this past weekend (read: I actually remembered to sign Weiss while signing a receipt this weekend. Big steps, people). We spent the weekend in Connecticut celebrating the marriage of one of Freddie's cousins. This means we spent the weekend in Connecticut surrounded by the most loving and fun group of people: the Weiss families. 

Other than our wedding I had never been around Ricky's extended family. I don't even think our own wedding counted because it was like Hi, nice to meet you! Bye, I have to go talk to these other hundred and fifty people. Hi, oh we have to leave now? Bye? So yeah, that definitely doesn't count.
Hi. Love you, bye.  

After this weekend suddenly everything about being a Weiss made sense. Lightbulb moment! You know what it takes to be a Weiss? A mix of always being ready for fun, having an A+ sense of humor, giving nice, big hugs, laughing every 5-6 seconds, and living life straight up ABBA Dancing Queen style (and 467 other great things, too). This family CAN and WILL dance and CAN and WILL out dance everyone else dancing. 
So there. Now you know. Now I know. Golly gee, my new (ish) last name is a good one and my new (ish) family members are the best ones. I mean, is there anything better than family? Whether blood and/or name related or not. The answer is a big, fat HECKalicious no.

Brb, gotta go convince Freddie we need to have four plus children (in many moons from now) so we can keep having big Weiss family parties for all the years to come. 


Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i hated my last name so i always knew i wanted to change mine.. but then when i did i freaked out a bit as well and didn't feel right. it took awhile, and his family is less fun than your in laws lol, but it suits now.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I'm glad you feel like a Weiss now! I'm meeting a bunch of Michael's family for the first time at our wedding too (his dad is one of...8 or 9 and they all live in the Midwest, except Michael's dad), and I'm sure it'll be like, "Oh, you're ___? Nice to finally meet you! I have to go over there now, bye!"

The Lady Okie said...

Jordan got all insulted because I said I liked my maiden name better than his name. I waited like 2 years to change it! Ha. Not because I hate his name so much, more because I'm lazy ;) But I am so thankful for such a great Bumgarner family, that it's grown on me these last 4 years.


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