June 22, 2015

summer lovin

This weekend was one for the books!

What does that even mean, though? One for the books. I mean, sometimes books are scary. Or sad. How do you know what kind of weekend I had if I say it was one for the books? Luckily for you, my weekend was one for the good kind of books which means this blog post will neither be scary nor depressing. 

The good book about our weekend would start like several other of our previous good weekend books:

Once Upon A Time Freddie and Emily packed a picnic and went to Miller Outdoor Theater. While there they ate delicious sandwiches, sipped on wine and Lemonade-ritas (guess who drinks that? Hint: it rhymes with dot flimily and/or neddie), and enjoyed the wonderful performance by _____.
Earlier this year it was Houston Ballet. A couple weeks ago it was MetDance. This weekend we went for The Peterson Brothers. The Peterson Brothers are...wait for it...brothers! Brothers who are eighteen and sixteen and play guitar exactly how an eighteen year old and a sixteen year old should be playing the guitar: with their quick, nimble fingers. They rock, literally. Freddie has totally turned into a groupie. The squealing, giggling, stalking groupie.

Like...he went to the "bathroom" and came back with this picture.

From there our weekend took us to Jurassic World. GO SEE IT NOW, PEOPLE! My thumbnails are raw from dinosaurs. To be really fair they are raw from my biting them because of scary dinosaurs, but let's skip that long explanation and say they are raw because of dinosaurs. Thanks, dinosaurs. Thanks, Obama. 

From the world of dinosaurs our story took us to Discovery Green for a nighttime flea market. Here is when the story gets REALLY good. 

Freddie has a thing for vinyls. It's almost as serious as his thing for the Peterson Brothers, but not quite that serious yet. There we were at the nighttime flea market, sipping on our free sangrias, when we stumbled upon a vintage vinyl booth. Long story short, Freddie came out with some cool music and some great music. The great music of...the Grease soundtrack! Grease! Is the word! That you heard! Man, I was/am so pumped. I popped that bad boy in the record player yesterday and partied hard-y.
Freddie hasn't come around to singing his Danny/Freddie parts yet, but we'll get there. I told him if it helps he can substitute my name in place of Sandy. Emily, Emily, why, oh Emily??

Like I said, we'll get there. I've got chills that are multiplying, but it's all good because we've got plenty of summer nights coming up. 

Add in some happy hours, some Tex Mex, some friend time pool time (hay, Ellen!) and some BB (Breaking Bad for you amateurs) and you've got yourself a weekend for the good books. 


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Jurassic World was SO GOOD! As is BB. And free sangria. And Grease.

Erin LFF said...

Doesn't it mean 'for the (record) books' ? I think it does! Meaning it was so freakin' awesome it needs to go down in history! ;) Jurassic World was AMAZING!!! So freakin' good!!!

Kodi Jensen said...

I think it's for the record books too! But there are bad records too...so your point still stands.


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