June 15, 2015

emily eats

Guess what?

It's one month until my birthday! But, but, but...you good people already knew that, I'm sure. Yesterday afternoon I realized I hadn't even sent out my birthday list yet. That is some crazy shiz! Don't worry, I quickly sent it out and all is right in the world again. 

But that's not really what we're hear to talk about, obviously, because we have the whole month of July to talk about my birthday. Duh!

We're here to talk about this past weekend. This past weekend where we went to an Astros game and I wasn't sure which team to cheer for. Have you ever had a totally mind boggling experience where you didn't know what you were supposed to do? What was expected of you?! Talk about stress. That was me at the Astros game. Sweaty palms, fast pounding heart, left arm ready to chop (Hey, Braves), but I wasn't at Turner Field. I wasn't watching the Braves. I was watching the Astros and the Mariners.

Listen, all that up there is only half-ish true. Yes, we went to a game, Yes, it was super weird not knowing for whom to root, root, root. But no, I wasn't really worried about it and I definitely wasn't sweating about it because big sporting events usually sell...Dippin Dots.

Dippin Dots!
Dippin Freaking Dots!

The ice cream of the future. The ice cream that brings thousands to sporting events (because, believe me, it's not just the sport bringing fans there). The ice cream of which you are so particular not to drop or lose ANY little dot.

I would go to games every weekend if I knew I could live off of Dippin Dots. 
It's okay though, I just hope I live until the future day where Dipping Dots becomes the ice cream of the present

Now that I've given you the secret on how to survive game-day-omg-which-team-is-my-home-team stress I'll go ahead and keep talking about food. 

Pizza was another big part of our weekend. You see, post-Dippin Dots food has to be top notch. I mean the highest top notch. Once you eat Dippin Dots, you can't intake just any food. It has to be good. Really, really, good. 

Which is why we ended up at a hole-in-wall, BYOB, deeeeelicious pizza place. We also ended up ordering three giant pizzas for only seven people, but that's neither here nor there. 
Dippin Dots make the world go round and Luigi's pizza keeps you spinning with the world. <<why I don't come up with my own analogies.  

And that, my friends, was my menu from this past weekend. Now you don't have to stalk Instagram to see what I ate. You're welcome.
Over and out. 


Russ said...

I understand your Astros pounded the opposition. Perhaps your confusion was a good thing.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Ugh I LOVE Dippin' Dots! AND hole-in-the-wall pizza. And I live in Seattle so I would've told you to go with the M's (even though I don't really care about baseball). :)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Definitely go ASTROS!!!! ;)

Erin LFF said...

That pizza looks absolutley fanTASTIC. And I also want some dippin 'freakin' dots now! I haven't had those in foreverrrrr! :)

Ashley said...

Did you get the last comment I posted? What is going on with this thing??! :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Ommmgggg PIZZA and dippin dots! I haven't had DD's in YEARS! Yay for your bday being so close!!


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