June 5, 2015

a texas post

Things I've learned about Texas so far:

Fact #1
Everything is bigger in Texas. This is not limited to the size of the potholes and the number of potholes per square foot. Holy My Tires Aren't Gonna Last Batman, think of the worst road you have ever driven on. Now come drive in Houston and laugh at your memory of said "bad" road. It's almost like they refuse to fix the roads because then Texas wouldn't have the biggest potholes and we can't have anyone winning the bigger contest, now can we?!

But really, my tires aren't gonna last.

Fact #2
The license plates are a snooze fest. No color, no fun, all boring. I kind of like that I still have on my SC tag because I'm pretty sure I just make everyone jealous of my car tag swag when I'm out driving around. Hair flip.

Fact #3
Tortillas and all things Tex Mex are 100% superior here. It's a fact, Jack. They have fresh, warm tortillas everywhere. Everywhere! You don't even have to try to find them! They find you and they make you love them. Have fun eating your gross non-Texas Tex Mex. I'm too busy devouring my delicious fresh tortillas to write more here.

Fact #4
Texas BBQ. Ho. Ly. Cow. The BBQ here is like...

no words. All amazing. Food baby for days. Worth it. It's so delicious that I think I could only handle it like once every couple of months. Because wow. Just come try some. 

Fact #5 
Ricky and I live here now. We are here! In Texas! It's for realsies and I can't even believe it. Sometimes I sit in our living room, looking at the view of downtown, and think Well Fudgesicles, we actually moved to Texas. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Charleston anymore.  So we'll count it as a Texas fact. 

Happy Friday!
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christina @ the new mrs said...

My husband and I love Texas; these facts are so fun! I love the photo of you two – too cute!

Helene in Between said...

all of these things are very very accurate! well, except, I don't think our license plates are boring. Yay for moving to Texas!

Kayla MKOY said...

#cartagswag needs to become a new trending hashtag haha! Ugh boring license plates are no fun!!! And holy cow! Don't fall in a sinkhole!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Mmm, Tex Mex and BBQ? Sounds like I need to plan a Texas vacay ASAP!

Jenna Griffin said...

So, I'm pretty sure Texas might be my dream lover. Tortillas....tex mex....EVERYWHERE?! All day long? When can I come visit? ;)

Erin LFF said...

Still so crazy that you are in Texas now! I keep forgetting!!! Please invite me down asap to get some of that tex-mex food!


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