June 19, 2015

rain, rain, isn't here.

It has been so dreary here lately. Like I'm almost 50% sure that Mother Nature read my post last week about the Texas heat, and she felt bad so she gave us...no sun. It always looks like it is about to rain cats and dogs, but then it only rains kittens and puppies. In addition to the sprinkles the Weather app keeps telling me there is a 90% chance of thunderstorms, but the Weather app is a dirty liar.

 You see, if you remember from here I am four-year old level terrified of storms. I have to mentally prepare myself for a storm. The weather apps and weather people are making it very hard on me. Woe is me! I think a storm is coming, so I brace myself for the lightning flashes and my screams, and then...nothing happens. Oh wait, yes! Look! I see drizzle! It's drizzling out. Not quite kitten and puppy level, and far, far from cat and dog and thunderstorm level, but the weather app and weather people might be on to something.

 Since the weather has been tres lame-o, I've taken on a new hobby.
 I mean studying. I've spent a lot of time at the table studying/coloring my anatomy this week. This coloring book is genius. Actually, what is genius is putting this coloring book and my two other textbooks together and then, and only then, I start to understand what the hockey puck these anatomy people are trying to tell me.

 Ricky came home the other day and was all like, Perfected coloring yet? I mean, that is what you're doing, right? Yes, I am working on perfecting coloring. No, I have not perfected it yet. It's hard coloring in tiny bones and also staying in the lines, mmmkay?

 Another hobby I've picked up is using the stairs. What fun!
In preparation for these storms we were supposed to be getting, our complex shut down the elevator because last bad storm time their electrical system was struck by lightning. Struck! By! Lightning! And apparently getting struck by lightning is not only no fun, but it is also very expensive. Who knew? (we all knew).

Oh! Oh! I cooked breakfast on Sunday morning! Like cooked cooked not picked-up-a-granola-bar-and-ate-it cooked breakfast. That's new and stuff.

 So that's what has been going on. I'm coloring, cooking (once), and using the stairs. I've never felt so young in my life (except when I'm out of breath after very slowly walking up six flights of stairs).

Happy Friday!


Kayla MKOY said...

6 flights of stairs? Girl I'm out of breath carrying all my stuff up TWO small flights to work everyday, ha! Gettt itttt! Go you on the breakfast front... I made breakfast for dinner one night this week so I'm considering that a win! ;) coloring makes life better. The end.

Erin LFF said...

Dang! Look at you sneaking those stair workouts in ;) I would be dying after 6 flights too though, haha! I kinda' wanna color now--- is it lame that Jared and I do color occasionally? Only Disney-themed books of course!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Coloring to study is pretty great! I never make breakfast either, even though I absolutely love 'fancy' (aka not yogurt, cereal, etc) breakfast food! Props to you for cooking it!


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