May 22, 2015


My best friend (BFFWWQAMADORTWM--best friend forever who wore Queen Amidala make-up and did other ridiculous things with me), Caroline, is getting married today. Today! Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today!
In honor of such an exciting event I thought I would take everyone on a trip in my trusty ol' time machine.
translation: we are about to see some seriously old biffle wiffle pics of Miz Bride. 

You're probably wondering why I'm not about to post pictures of her and her soon-to-be husband. Valid. But see, Caroline and I have been together going on fifteen plus years now so...I get these five pictures on Friday. Especially since we had matching not-wedding bands since we were ten. He can have the rest of her life as long as I get these five pictures. Deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are taking it back. Back before Limited Too was a thing. Back when GapKids was where it was at. Our matching GapKids outfits are proof of this. This is the first documented picture of our lifelong, love you forever, hate you for never friendship. 

We went through this phase where we would do Queen Amidala make-up (don't play, you know what I'm talking about) and then take about fifty polaroids of our made up selves. So vain cool at such young ages! These beautiful Polaroids have yet to be found, so I'll give you this instead: Hairstyles by   Hoes, How To Look Good At Age Eleven.

Pulling off those butterfly clips. That's my Caroline, always with the trends. 

Why did I limit myself to five pictures again? I'm thinking Fifty on Friday has a much better ring to it than Five on Friday, right?

Because the majority of our friendship has been confined to dance studios, here's a flashback to Beauty and the Beast. We're both the beauties, obviously. 

We just fast forwarded about five years between pictures four and five and you can already see that aging has been good to us. Dresses were also good to us, much better than butterfly clips and Beauty and the Beast costumes were to us. Matchsies rings for days. 

(towards me...and maybe a little bit towards Dan...)

Also, pysch. I'm making it Six on Friday because I'm saptastic today. Saptastic Six on Friday. 
 Let's switch places and get chu married tonight. Over and wedding time out. 

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Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my goodness. You two are awesome! Isn't it fun to have friendships that you can look back on hilarious/awful-but-amazing photos?! I love this! Best of luck to the beautiful bride today!!!!! :)


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