May 5, 2015

thing i want, no need. edition one.

I am so naive. Really, I mean I thought that when big life changes (read: leaving a job, leaving a beloved city, moving across the country) happened that suddenly blog posts would be a plenty and/or the server wouldn't even be able to keep up with everything I was needing to say and tell. Get on my level, internet!

Ha. Ha. Ha. My life feels so shamble-y and crazy that I'm not really sure what I would or could tell. As interesting as it is to everyone that I wanted to take ballet class, but realized my ballet shoes are on a moving truck to Houston or that I really needed my modge podge for some bridal shower crafting, but nope, the modgey podge in also en route to Houston, I figured I would keep those stories to myself and let you all continue on with your days.

In keeping up with the whole I want, I need, I'm not happy with what I have theme in today's world, I thought I would just add more fuel to that fire and talk about everything I am pining after on Pinterest. Because we never have enough, after all! ;)

^^PSA: that entire paragraph is tongue-in-cheek. Well, I really am talking about what I am pining for on Pinterest, but everything else=totes tongue in cheek. 

If there's one thing in this world that I will never need to buy again it's definitely bags. So of course I need this bag. Right? Right. Okay fine, I'll go ahead and order it. 

I know some people aren't into the whole displaying oodles of personal pictures in their homes. That is a shame because a) it makes it more homey and b) it helps nosey guests coming in your home to stalk you and your life more easily. I prefer the decorating method of oodles and bagoodles of personal photos everywhere so I'm a sucker for any kind of Instagram display. 

Ughhhh, these shoes. My feet. Sole mates. 
Get it? Get it? Good. Get on my feet already. 

I think I've alluded to this several times, but I've been on this huge sweet potato kick lately. Like huge. Like you know how Violet Beauregarde turned blue in Willy Wonka? Yes, I should be quite orange and round and knobby right about now. I also think quinoa tastes delicious and could eat it in mass amounts all by itself. Apparently this thinking is odd so I guess to normalize myself I will add in quinoa with sweet potatoes and OMG my mouth can't even right now. I'm so hungry for this and this only.

There you have it. All ways in which I distract myself from crazy, big life changes.

But really, I need that bag...


Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my word quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes? HECK YES! Everything you listed is now in my "omgINEEDTHIS" list ;) thanks a lot!

Erin LFF said...

That IG display is so super cute! I wonder where those little frames are from?! I've been really wanting some floral flats too- but at the same time, I'm trying to purge my closet. Decisions, decisions...

Veronica Lee Burns said...

So yes to photos in the home...all over! And those shoes, I've been eyeing some floral ones myself lately. And those qunioa boats just might be worth a try!

Meg Taylor said...

I love the combo of stripes+floral, so I definitely need those shoes, too! I am also a fan of displaying family photos, and we have tons all over our house. That wall is definitely my dream :)

Candace Shiflet said...

um hi can we please be friends? haha and can I buy that bag so we cant match? And basically I'm really happy I cam across your blog cause 1)it's hilarious and 2) you make 1,2,3 a,b,c lists like me! lists are the best. anyways, sometimes I wish I had enough content to explode the internet but sadly, blogging about work isn't all that interesting I realized haha :)

Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Kodi Jensen said...

Soooooo with you on needing personal pictures everywhere! They bring me so much joy.


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