March 10, 2015

on theming bridal showers


My best friend, Caroline, is getting married. 
I'm the MOH. 'Scuse me, that's short for MATRON of Honor. 
I sound so old. Matron. Me? A matron? 
Sure, I'll wear granny panties under my MOH dress---I was planning on it anyways. 
das muh girl, maid of honor-ing it up at our wedding.

But back to the point. Best friend getting married + me being MOH = me throwing her a bridal shower.


But ugh. Pinterest, amiright? I'm so indecisive and Pinterest is so indecisive and together me and Pinterest are just a hot mess. 
E: Hmmm, I'll do a generic bridal shower search to get some ideas.
P: Mwhaha, here are 1, 679 (and a half) ideas for you!
E: Oooooh, I really like this mimosa bar.
P: Oh goody, I knew you would like it so I made sure it was linked up to a bad link.
E: Fine, whatever. Maybe I like this signature cocktail idea better.
P: That's better. But just remember that the article with this idea also has 24 other ideas with it.

A hawt mess. 

I finally settled on a Treat Yo Self theme because a) Parks and Rec is the best show ever and she loves it and b) it's a theme that can literally include everything. Junk food, good food, bad food, snacks, alcohol, more alcohol, coke (the drink, ya crazies), candy, doughnuts, candy, and stuff. 

Then, but then! Get this. Then she told me one of her work friends went to a Bridesmaids themed bridal shower. Like 6 lb. cookie cake and everything. 6 freaking pounds of delish! I seriously considered changing the theme. Seriously considered. Because we're talking about a 6 lb. cookie cake and 1 lb. cookies to-go here. 

I get back on my dear old friend, Pinstry, and search Bridesmaid related bridal shower themes. A.k.a.-nothing came up. Oh wait, I'm sorry, something did come up. A Harry Potter themed bridal shower. Because that makes perfect sense! Kristen Wiig wrote Bridesmaids and she used to be on SNL and one time in 2012 Daniel Radcliffe was the host of SNL and Daniel and Emma acted together a bunch so there's the connection. I see your tricks, Pinterest. 

The moral of the story is something along the lines of...I don't know how to theme the shower and it's all Emma Watson's fault. 

The End. 


Helene in Between said...

love the treat yo self idea. totally perfect. pinterest is evil.

Kayla MKOY said...

Treat yo'self is the perfect theme!! Go for it!! I actually have a draft post in the blog archives titled that! Haha! I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Bhumi said...

Love this!

Laura Darling said...

Haha I love the treat yo self theme! So fun! I am terrible with themes. I didn't even know you were supposed to have them for wedding related things, and I went to a bridal expo show before I got married and one of the vendors asked what my theme was for my wedding. I just said "love," LOL!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Love that theme! My sister wouldn't let me call her matron hahahahha she still had me call her maid of honor ;-)

Kodi Jensen said...

Seriously woman. We have the same birthday, we get married within a year of each other...and I'm also currently planning my friend Caroline's bridal shower. Things are getting weird! And by weird I mean awesome.

Brandy Simons said...

Do you have a link to stuff that you did for uncreative people, lol?

Brandy Simons said...

Do you have a link to stuff that you did for uncreative people, lol?

curtis03 Lewis said...

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