May 1, 2015

where in the world is emily sandiego?

First hint: I'm not in San Diego. Although now I kind of wish I was's San Diego and San Diego is amazing. 

Okay, but back to where I really am in the world.

Second hint: I am no longer in my beloved Chucktown. <---that was a much harder pill to swallow than I thought it was going to be. For months I have been Freddie's cheerleader like H-O-U-STON, I KNOW WHERE WE CAN HAVE SOME FUN. HOUSTON! YEAH, YEAH, GO HOUSTON! But then I had to actually leave Charleston and I had to actually say goodbye to lots of students and friends and I had to close a show and I had to watch the movers take out everything from our wonderful, beautiful apartment and I had to drive across the prettiest bridge one more time and basically the point of this run-on sentence is that sometimes it's okay to get in a good cry. 
The farewell bridge drive

Third and final hint: I'm in the place I see in peaceful dreams where the road always leads me back to, which according to my buddy Ray Charles means...
If you guessed Jawjah then you are so right. If you guessed the more commonly known spelling of Georgia then you are partially right. 

I'll make it out to Texas at some point. I gotta practice gettin' my hair up nice and high so it'll fit inside a cowboy hat. But really I'm in the middle of another weekend of Pilates teacher training. After that I'll be in the middle of getting my hair finally colored. After that I'll be in the middle of throwing my best friend a bridal shower and squeezing all my other friend's cheeks (both kinds). Somewhere in between all of those things I'll be in the middle of some ballet class taking and some Trader Joe's shopping. 

And then, then I'll head to Texas where everything will be bigger and better. Except for my Rick Rick, it's impossible for him to get any better, obvi. I can't wait to squeeze his cheekies (both kinds, too). 
For now I'll have to just take all the ridiculous FaceTime conversations that I can get. 

Thanks for playing along with this week's game of Where In The World Is Emily Sandiego?
Come back next week to see if Emily has changed locations...the mystery never ends. 


Kayla MKOY said...

This is hilarious, Em! Last night I was singing "where in the world IS Carmen SanDiego, go, go....", you know how it fades out ;) I'm excited for this new journey of yours!!!! I'm sure it was hard to leave but now you're closer to being back with yo man! ;)

Helene in Between said...

haha you can totally pull off the carmen sandiego game. excited for your new journey :)

Meg Taylor said...

Have a good time in Georgia!! You seriously crack me up :)

The Lady Okie said...

Ah! I love San Diego. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Everything IS bigger and better in Texas ;)


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