May 27, 2015

a how-to: road trip edition

Exactly a week ago I was road tripping from Georgia to Ohio with my family. Road trips are so our thing. Growing up we never flew anywhere, but we sure did drive everywhere (AND I WAS ALWAYS STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BACKSEAT BETWEEN A CAR SEAT AND MY BIG TEENAGE BROTHER BECAUSE I AM THE MIDDLE CHILD, AFTER ALL). Which is why I am going to act like an expert and tell you things you should definitely do on road trips. You will read these things and be like Hold up, what an expert and/or genius this lady is! Then on your next road trip, kafreakingboom, you'll be road trip rocking it. Hair flip.

Step One:
Everyone always says hit up the gas stations and get yo self some car snacks. I agree with this statement; however, I will take it one step further. You should rack up on snack food, yes, but in order to really be a real road trip rock star you have to make excuses as to why you don't want to eat said car snacks and instead stop several times along the way to eat. Mo' money spent on mo' food? Worth it. 
Step One And A Half: take selfies with your on-the-road-purchased food. Bonus points if your pre-roadtrip-purchased food makes it in the background of your selfie. You will notice that I did not earn bonus points here. 

Step Two:
In an attempt to ignore your whatareyoudoingtome?!Igothealthycarsnackfoodsforareason stomach pains you should probably take a napsies...
but remember if you take a napsies then someone will more than likely document said napsies so it is better to be a napsies photographer than a napsies victim <<words by which to live. 

Step Three:
You have to be willing to explore.
By this I mean you definitely have to misinterpret your Google Maps map and take the wrong turn so you can take a scenic route through Cincinnati. Because Cincinnati is pretty! Dangit, Google Maps! Don't you know how pretty Cincinnati is?! Let us drive through it! So we did. 

And it was so pretty that I took zero pictures of that road trip step. Close your eyes and picture really pretty hilly, scenery, really calm and definitely not lost/freaking out people in a car, and delicious Chipotle. That is how I will forever and always picture Cincinnati in my mind.

Now go forth and use your new road tripping knowledge. Where are you road tripping this summer?
Because hey-oh! It should be Texas!


Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

ahh this is awesome. the only road trips we went on as a family were from sydney to melbourne, about 10 hours.. it was just my mum and us 3 on the way there, but on the way back my nana came with so i had to sit in the middle seat (again, middle child) and they never allowed us to get snacks or crappy food. boo. i want to road trip with your family!

Meg Taylor said...

I LOVE these tips, and the photos cracked me up! About the exploring one, my husband and I always agree that we'd rather be moving rather than sitting in traffic, so we've been known to hop off the highway and take 50-60 mile detours - usually it works out way in our favor :)

Kayla MKOY said...

I still can't believe you didn't stop by my home and say hiiiii!!!! Next time. ;) Cincy IS pretty wonderful! I always seem to have ugly nap photos taken of myself. Haha!

Laura Darling said...

My family and I took many road trips on vacations when I was little! The journey is almost as fun as the destination!


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