April 22, 2014

ghosts of Easter past

Easter is like......one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because there's a whole lotta good candy (which means basically I like any and all holidays, if you picked up on that). Around Easter, I'm like a kid...in a candy store. No analogy needed there because it's true. The food that sustained me on Sunday included (but is not limited to): Reese's eggs (milk and white chocolate, please and thank you), gummy eggs. gummy bunnies, Cadbury caramel eggs, Snickers peanut butter eggs, pretzel m&ms mixed with peanut butter m&ms. Hmmm, am I missing anything? Oh yeah, let's not forget the h-u-g-e Easter Feaster we consumed. I told my Monday students that Easter gave Miss Emily a big fat tummy ache, but I'm pretty sure that Miss Emily gave Miss Emily a big fat tummy ache. Whatever, no regrets. Hashtag: blessed 'n full 'n all of that. 
 Chyeah we had dumplings at Easter Feaster. You didn't?
This is my attempt at an artsy picture. Please notice that A) the knife didn't want to be part of an artsy picture and B) this isn't an artsy picture at all. 

In honor of such a wonderful holi-feast-day, my mother sent me and my siblings some old Easter pictures. Let's just say 24 years old is not the only age at which I enjoyed eating copious amounts of candy. Let's also just say that apparently styling my hair as a young lass was something challenging for my mother. She tried to blame it on my hair. I blame it on the cow that licked my hair line the day I was born. 
one// Baby Emily in an Easter food coma. Much like grown Emily looked Sunday.
two// Young Emily showcasing a fashionable haircut for '91.

three// Emily the Leper. A.K.A. the year the Emily picked at her chicken pox instead of picking at candy wrappers.
four// Rocking that shoulder pouf. 'Nuff said. 

five// That dress had velcro on the middle insert. Couldn't be showing off my young cleavage. 
six// Emily, the older sister of a princess...obviously. (also the younger sister of a brother who really liked wearing his pants closer to his arm pits than not). 

I am skipping the pre-teen Easter Emily. You are welcome. That's really all I can say about that. Other than to tell you that Freddie looked at the pre-teen picture and laughed. Then said I looked like a ghost. Then said I looked like one of the twins in The Shining. Then probably went into our room, shut and locked the door, and tried to figure out how to get out of the life long commitment we kinda just made. 

Easter Feaster 2014. Way less shoulder poufs, same # of cowlicks, and the best of friends.

Edit: I somehow forget to mention this splendid little gift the Easter husbunny got me.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing family posts :) It makes me happy. And I'm glad you had a great Easter!

Happy Tuesday!

Morning Neon Blog
"Let's move to Vegas."

Allyssa Idell said...

I"m so glad you had a good Easter! I love the gift your husband got for you! haha!

Kayla MKOY said...

okay seeing your mom in that childhood picture of you -- you look just like her! So darn sweet. Love Easter, and all the candy induced comas it brings with it -- also loving your husbunny's gift ;)


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