April 16, 2014

an apple a day...

Did you ever have that elementary school teacher who was such a cliche teacher and had all things apple decor? Because teachers and apples go together like peanut butter and Nutella (sorry, I'm a strict no jelly kind of gal), right? Wrong. I don't get it. Let me insert apologies here in case any of you reading this are teachers and do have copious amounts of apple decor. 
Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't hide it. 

Well these days the kiddos have decided to give a different kind of gift to their teachers (me): 
gift cards.
Let me just say that if I was given as many apples as I've been given gift cards in the past few years of teaching then I would be...very regular. I'll leave it at that. Winky wink and insert smiley poopy face emoji. Have a hankering for some ice cream? Let's go to Cold Stone. It's on me. Need coffee, coffee, with a side of more coffee? I'm your girl. Starbucks or Dunkin? Your choice, my treat. Always wanted something fancy from Nordstrom? Well too bad because I'm saving that one for me. 

The thing is... I'm the worst at making decisions (Freddie is somewhere reading this and praising Jesus that I've finally admitted to this one flaw of mine). So let me repeat. I, Emily, cannot make a decision worth flip. Worth diddly squat. I can't do it. These beautiful little cards full of money and gifts for me are just getting dusty in my wallet. Almost every weekend Freddie asks me to pull them out and we go through and plan out a day where we only use gift cards...

...and then we don't. I go to a store and look and look and can't decide on anything. So I come home and yes! Online shopping will save the day! But online shopping doesn't save the day. It just makes the gift card decision making harder. Omigosh, are these hives from online shopping anxiety? <---it's a real thing. Take deep breaths, Emily. It's just a blazer. 

By the way, yes those are my inner thoughts while online shopping. Those and a slew of other more insane/second guessing/why can't I do this kind of thoughts. 

A-n-y-w-a-y-s, guess what?? I used one of the gift cards yesterday. I bought the prettiest little floral blazer. 
I mean, hellooooo floral is so in right now, Well, according to Pinterest. And according to some fashion bloggers I follow (follow with googly eyes yet never comment because what would I say? Me. Want. To. Dress. Like. You. Help). Awkward. 

Now my gift card collection is down one whole gift card. Progress, people. Now to use Dunkin Donuts. And Lulu Lemon (too many possibilities!). And Williams and Sonoma. And Hobby Lobby. And...

I guess my point is that maybe my students should just stick to giving me apples and/or apple decor. Then the only decision would be when to eat said apple or where to display said apple decor. 

Hashtag: firstworldteacherprobz? 
Or something like that.


Helene in Between said...

i really need a floral blazer in my life. they just look so cute all the time. sign me up. gift cards are the best.

Jenna Griffin said...

Haha, I definitely have some apple decor in my classroom! My first year teacher I really racked up on the gift cards. Things have really gone downhill since then. Lol.

Kayla MKOY said...

Giiiiiirl gift cards make me HAPPY. I love it! I feel like I always have a Starbucks gift card in my purse, ha! That blazer? GORGEOUS! You're gonna rock it.

jackie jade said...

you can send those giftcards my way :) or there are sites online to trade them in/sell them if you're really indecisive. but I loooove that floral blazer - so pretty!


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