April 4, 2014

on learning life skills

When does one learn essential life tools?

I'm not talking about networking skills. Or how to do taxes. Or the best way to budget. 

I'm talking about how to properly apply makeup. And how to style hair. And how to accessorize. 

I missed learning all about these life skills (which are obviously oh-so-important when compared to taxes and careers and finances...). Maybe I missed learning them because I always wore stage make up. And my hair was always in a bun. And the only accessories I really bought were the biggest performance-ready sparkly earrings I could find and all the stylish bun wreaths (ya know, back in 2000 when bun wreaths were cool).

Lately I've been on this big kick where I want to grow up and know how to do my makeup in all sorts of ways and know how to put together a tres cute (pronounced cue-tay, of course) outfit, accessories included. I blame all of this on Pinterest. Just kidding, I blame all of this on my younger sister who is the cutest thing since sliced bread. And yes, sliced bread is cute (and delicious).
Like what the what?! How did she learn? And yes, I made fun of her for this selfie, but it's mostly just because I'm jealous and stuff.

5 Looks I Want to Rock the Crap Out Of:

1- mixing patterns. As in, I want to recreate this exact outfit. Stat.

2- high waisted bathing suits. Which would probably work wonders with my birthing hips, but instead of Oh girl, she is so pulling that off I feel like it'd be more Why is she wearing granny panties to the beach? with me.

3- eye makeup. in any and all forms. When do people learn how to use their eyelids like a canvas?! 

4- Speaking of makeup... makeup that stays on all day, looks good all day, and looks subtle and seski. That's not asking too much, is it?
Alycia knows what's up. 

5- hair. period, the end, yadda yadda yadda. I can't do diddly squat to my hair. It doesn't help that my hair is as flat as a pancake that has been sitting on the highway and run over by numerous 18-wheelers. But really, hair needs help. More volume. More waves. More color. More everything. I believe all hair pins are lies. Lies, I tell you! They never work for me. 

I'll go ahead and answer your question. Yes, I will now be accepting applications for a personal hair and makeup stylist. Clothing stylist is also welcome. I do realize it might be easier for me to just stop getting on Pinterest or stop looking at my sister. Not gonna happen. 

How are you with all things beauty and style?
Happy Friday! 


And So I Did said...

I struggle with looking "grown up" too. I want to look professional, attractive, and classy at the same time. I don't want to be boring or lame.:( WHERE IS THE COLLEGE DEGREE FOR THIS?! HALLLLP

Anonymous said...

Lucky you that your cousin works at Facebook's most popular boutique (yes, that's a real thing!). When it comes to mixing patterns cheetah print and black and white stripes are your friend. I'll text you some diddies you can start mixing ASAP. :-)

Allyssa said...

I LOVE the stripes mixed with florals look that's really popular right now! You could totally rock it, girl!

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm feeling the same way lately. I think that was initially why I decided to grow my bangs out -- so I could look more adult-ish, and wear cute big banging braids! But has that happened yet? NO....and HOW in the world do people do eye make up so cute!? I'm like seriously an idiot in this department.

Jenna Griffin said...

I'm so with you on the mixing prints. It's so fun, but a little scary at times. And maxi skirts are something I realllllly wish I could do. They are so comfy...but I've got a rather big bootay, and maxi skirts hug the wrong areas...and makes me look like an Easter egg. Ha!


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