February 20, 2014

life lessons

Life teaches us a lot of lessons. In a lot of not-so-funny ways, I might add. Whenever someone is going through a hard time the words that are *supposed* to make them feel better are things like:

Years from now you'll look back on this and it will all make sense.
This is part of God's plan.
Be patient. Good things will come. 

As much as I loathe hearing those words when I think my life has turned upside down, I can honestly say that those sayings are somewhat true and have some purpose. Had I not dropped out of college due to financial issues and stayed out of school for 1.5 years I would have never met Freddie. That's kind of a big deal thing that happened in my life. Here I am married to the man and living in a different state because of him. So maybe I should thank life for throwing me that curve ball? Thank ya much, life!

But enough about me and my life lessons. A week ago today two super special babies made their grand entrance to the world. A grand entrance that was long awaited for their Mommy-O and Daddy-O.

You see, 2 years ago I applied for a part-time ballet teacher job on a whim. That one day a week teaching job has turned into my life. Teaching 5+ days a week. Teaching all ages. Teaching all styles of dance. Choreographing. Rehearsing. Singing. All the things. And all thanks to a lady named Lindsey. 
That's Miz Lins there in the middle. A blushing (pregnant) bride. Shh, don't tell!

Lindsey became my boss. My co-worker. My co-choreographer. But mostly, she became my friend
She listened to me agonize over Freddie moving and then worry about if Freddie and I were going to get engaged and married and live happily ever after. She listened to me cry over the loss of grandparents. She drank Riesling with me and introduced me to the most delicious yogurt I've ever tasted in my life. (Seriously though, go try this now). We came into each other's lives during big transitional periods for the both of us (well, at least on my side). I was on the verge of getting married and potentially leaving my life in Georgia and she and her husband were wanting and trying with everything they had to start a family. 

I'm not the one to sit here on your knee and tell you all about Lindsey's story and journey to pregnancy. I don't even know half of her story. But the part I do know? The part where I got a phone call saying she was finally pregnant, the part where she came into a Beauty and the Beast rehearsal wide-eyed telling me she was having twins---I know those parts of the story. And it is a story that is b-e-a-utifully well-written (thanks, God! Ya cool dude you). 

Baby Celia and Baby Joel, you could not have gotten better parents even if you could have picked some outta a big best-parents-ever magazine! You are so loved and are going to be raised in a house FULL of laughs, hugs, delicious food, more laughing, support, and all of the love. Heck, sounds like we all should move into this kind of house! But really, I can't wait to semi-move in with you and kiss the crap out of your baby cheekies (face, not tush, ya nasties). 

I'm not posting a picture of the twins on here. But how about all of you picture the cutest little twin babies in your head (other than Freddie and his brother, of course...good wife award!) and then Voila! You've correctly pictured Celia and Joel. 

Lindsey and Drew, you. are. PARENTS!!!! (In case you didn't get the memo...)
Time to celebrate for the rest of your lives!!

Brb, I'm off to plan my next trip home so I can get some twin lovin'. 


Kayla MKOY said...

LOVE that you wrote this. The comment about having to drop out of college due to finances tugged right on my heart. You know I had to do the same thing, and had that not happened, Caleb and I wouldn't be MARRIED yet and marriage has proven to be like the best thing ever.

I'm so so happy for your friend!!! Twins?! Wow!! They are so blessed. What an exciting time :) thanks for sharing, Em!

Jenna Griffin said...

Wow, twins!!! What blessings. You're a great friend to them, Emily!


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