February 7, 2014

sorry i'm not sorry.

So the Superbowl. Big deal and all that. I don't know, I just really enjoy a good Superbowl party for the food provided because lawd knows my knowledge (and care) of football extends very little. 

This year the Superbowl festivities began just like any of the others. Read: Freddie made a whole lotta delicious food. Since we are an old married couple and very punctual we arrived to our Superbowl party a tad early. Read: We got first dibs on filling up our plates. In walk the Weiss duo with a tub full of guac and a pyrex dish full of ribs. (This should be the beginning sentence of a really good book. Someone, write this). 

Now, Frederick is an engineer and Frederick's friends in Charleston are all engineers. This party was hosted by one of those engineer friends so we met even more engineer friends. It's an endless cycle, really. Bobby (engineer friend #77) introduced us to the other 2 guests who arrived early were smart and got there early for food. 

New engineer friend #1: So y'all are both engineers?
Emily: ::a much too loud HA:: No, no. I'm a dance teacher and choreographer.

As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized it sounded like I was apologizing. I'm so sorry me and my lack of brain cells are disrupting your party experience. Let me pirouette right out the door. 

New engineer friend #1: Really?! Wow, that is awesome. Wow. So great. 

I was slightly taken aback at his big reaction to my job, but still kind of just blew it off. Sorry I don't have a real career like you.

But my New Engineer Friend #1 kept going on and on. He talked about how it is great that I'm doing what I love. How I have a paying job in a field I love. How you don't hear about people doing that these days and he thinks it is great that I get to do that. He asked what ages I teach. He asked what I choreograph. He asked what type of dancing. He asked where I get to do these things. 

But I'm a dance teacher and choreographer? Did you hear that part? I don't sit in an office all day and do work. I don't have a real job. 

I thought about his reaction and his take on my job a lot during the game (because come on, let's face it. I know absolutely nothing about football and I still knew that game and those commercials sucked). 

Why do I always feel the need to apologize for my career not being "good enough?" Not good enough for whom?! Since getting married and moving to Chucktown I have had the biggest time struggling with what to do. I feel like teaching is supposed to be my in-between job, but why? Why does something I love, something I have studied my entire life, have to be temporary? 

Why? Why? Why?
Now I sound like the 3 year olds I teach...Whyyyy, Miss Emily, why?

I'm not sorry I teach dance. 
That means I get to be up and moving all day, not sitting at a desk. That means I get to make an impact on the lives of children, young and old (even if it is a small impact). Think about those teachers that you will never ever forget--maybe I'm that teacher to some of these kids. When parents thank me or tell me their child talks about me constantly or tell me their child has never been so happy in an activity, I'm not sorry for hearing those things. 
I'm not sorry I choreograph. 
I am surrounded by a group of kids who are full of talent. A group of kids who could be will be the next generation actors, singers, and dancers. When I choreograph movements for them and for their shows it gives them opportunities to grow and shine in their talent. To blossom while doing what they love. To gain experience that will help them accomplish their goals and dreams. I'm not sorry I turn my living room into a studio space every lunch break to finish choreography before evening rehearsals. I studied and will continue to study curriculums, I trained, I student taught in college--all of these things help to make me the best teacher I can be.

But you know what really makes me to be the best teacher I can be?
My students.
Especially when they come bopping in with presents like this. 

So, I AM sorry for those people who think "all I do" is wear pink tutus and stand on my tippy-toes all day. I am sorry that people don't understand the importance of the arts and of empowering the talents of our children through the arts. 

Sorry I am not sorry that I get to do these things. Because dance is my job (and kind of my life...) And I love it. 


Bhumi said...

get it girl! LOVEYOU

Vicki said...

I think you are awesome for doing what you do! I know my 4 year old loves her dance teacher and it just seems so hard to find places to teach dance anymore. So definitely don't make any apologies!!

Jenna Griffin said...

Yea, girl! That is so amazing, what you do. Not only do you teach dance, but you are enriching other peoples' lives.

Kenzie S said...

That is wonderful that you love your job! Don't ever apologize for that :D


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