February 12, 2014

the tale of tulle

Tulle skirts.  
Being a dancer I've been flaunting tulle since 1993. Also the year that Justin Timberlake joined Mickey Mouse Club. Me in tulle. Justin in Mickey ears. You can imagine my excitement when tulle was decided to be an "in" thing and Anthropologie came out with this baby. (Are Mickey ears in yet?)

Hello, heart eyes emoji, let me borrow you so I can see this skirt better. This skirt! Amazing! Tulle! Ballet! In real life! Socially acceptable! All of the exclamation points! 

The excitement continued when I opened my Christmas presents a couple years ago and this skirt was among them. Mine! Mine! Mine!
Christmas is the season of wearing all presents together as one. Home Alone + tulle = Christmas. 

And then came the whole wearing this thing out in public thing...I felt like a lunatic. There goes that crazy ballerina who forgot to take off her costume before leaving the show! And what do you wear with tulle when a leotard and/or tutu bodice isn't attached?! My mind could not comprehend it. I could not think of a single thing to put on the top. I might as well just start walking around in my leotard and tights with no cover-ups if I'm walking around in a tulle skirt. <<My reasoning seems so logical...

I put it to use in some dance pictures. Tulle skirt for dance pictures? How horribly cliche and brilliant of me, right?

Tulle can be such a tool. Really, think about it. You, as a tulle wearer, don't wear the tulle so people compliment your skirt. You wear the tulle so people think Maaaaaaan, that girl has got it going on. Or Hello, she is so Pinterest right now. Or What a smart girl who made the choice to wear the tulle and compliment you.

At least, that is how it felt to me on Saturday night. I attended a theater gala in my hometown and was forced by my sister decided to bring out the 'ole tulle skirt. After plenty of mini panic attacks of what top to wear with it since I'm still hung up on the leotard + tulle thing, I put it on with clothes I borrowed from my sister. Then I decided I looked absolutely ridiculous. Then I realized we were late and there was no time to change.

Here's how that night went down...

What I felt like in a tulle skirt:
a puffy white pouf ball

a child pageant star

the LOOK AT ME kind of attention hog.

What I felt like after people were saying nice things about my tool-y tulle:
Oh, this old thing? hashtag: model status and giggle giggle.

Now let me turn away so my skirt flows up and I can tendu before exiting the stage lobby.

What I really looked like:
The date of the most dapper Mr. Diddy of all the Mr. Diddys.

One lady told me she wears her skirt all. the. time. With t-shirts and everything.
Shut up.

What would you wear with a tulle skirt?


Kayla MKOY said...

This cracked me up! Seriously! Girlfriend, you WORKED IT!! I love it!!! Now I need one!

MaryCaroline said...

You looked beautiful!

Melinda said...

Hello! I told you I had to touch it the other night! Something about tulle that brings out the girlie in all of us!

Jenna Griffin said...

I actually wore a very similar skirt for my wedding rehearsal and dinner! It was summer, so I wore a lace top with it. It was beautiful, I thought. Your skirt looks beautiful on you!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness it's adorable! I would have felt the same way if I was trying to pull off a tulle skirt. But you look so super cute in it!! If I was a fashionista, I would totally get one, too. ;)

Kelli Gilbert said...

you totally rock that skirt! i think it's adorable! i've been eyeing them for awhile!

Ashley said...

Bahaha!!! This post...love it! I NEED a tulle skirt, right?!?!??!! I think you look beautiful in yours. The dance pictures and the outfit pictures.


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