April 12, 2013

the anxious pants dance

Every one has their own story of why or how they got into blogging, what they write about through blogging, how they met friends through blogging, and how they are successful at blogging. Want me to try to use the word blogging again? There ya go, just did. 

Anyways, here is the run down. Blogging is no different than the first day at a new school. Or at a new job. Or in a new town where you know no one. Blogging is all about putting yourself out there, hoping people are like Hey, this person is putting puh-retty cool stuff out there, and then wam bam you become best blogging friends and everyone loves your blog. Or somehow or another to that effect. 

Let's talk about the socially awkward folks, though. Hi, socially awkward folks anonymous, my name is Emily and I suffer from the anxious pants dance.

What's the anxious pants dance? It's when you play with your nails, or bite your nails, or do a few hair flips, and shuffle to one side to avoid having to make small talk with someone that (gasp!) you don't know. I am the worst at meeting new people. College was like whoa, everyone was all giggly and like ohmagawd we're so grown up now. And all I wanted to do was crack jokes about having to say Man on the hall! every time we had a visitor in the dorms.
Seriously though, an all women's college is the best. But that's a post for another day. 

Most of the time it just comes across that I'm unfriendly. OOPSIES. Big oops. Woe is me, all shy and such. Life is hard. Yadda yadda yadda.
A little throwback to 5 years ago. Don't mess with us college sophomores, rawr. 

When I first started blogging, I just stalked blogs. I never commented because what would I say?! What if they didn't get something I said was supposed to be a joke? Or what if I sounded like this person that I so am not? So, instead I was just a blog creeper. Creeping on blogs day after day. Don't mind me. I don't remember when I started commenting and meeting people through blogging, or why I did, but it kind of felt like the day in school when you finally meet that one friend that you're like phew, don't have to pretend that I like playing basketball in PE around her. Or phew, I can laugh at a fart joke around her. Etc., etc. 

Sounds like the comfort zone needs to get a tad bigger because this blogger isn't just a creeper no mo'.  Some of the time...
Ah! Stranger Danger!

Anyone else fluent in unfriendliness dancing with their anxious pants on?


Erin said...

I definitely blog stalked for a long time before ever commenting, and before ever starting my own!! Blogland is SO HUGE it can def be intimidating. Fortunately, I've met so so SO many sweet, helpful ladies :) I'm glad you started a blog and stopped creeping ;)

Alex[andra] said...

I love meeting new people, so if I like someone's blog, I always try to comment. Not going to lie, I get a bit sad when I don't get a response back. I always wonder if I pushed my comment too far or they're just not interested (now I sound like I'm trying to be set up on a date. Lol, not the case).

Have a great weekend!

Leslie said...

It definitely took me awhile before I started commenting on blogs and there are still some days when I'm too shy! I'm still a brand new blogger, though, so I'm sure I'll get over it.. eventually.. haha

Helene said...

i blog stalked before i blogged. and then i blogged and did nothing and no one even looked at my blog (except for my mom) i am just a ball of awkward. and i'm fine with it.

Kodi Jensen said...

I'm that walk-up-and-talk-to-anyone person. Well, okay, like half that person. I know people way more chatty than me, especially at the gym, but for the most part I'll talk to anyone in person. Online apparently is different, because it did take me a while to start commenting on blogs. With my sarcastic tendencies I wind up analyzing what I'm typing to be sure it couldn't be interpreted as mean!

BREI said...

I totally blog stalked for a long time because I was following people with thousands of followers and all I could think of is they really don't care what I have to say. But now I blog a little (Badly) and I comment on others.

Ashley said...

There's no way that you're the worst with meeting people for the first time. NO way!!!

I actually did it the opposite way...which is so weird. I started a blog to talk about teaching and stuff like that, and then after about a year realized that other people had blogs too. I'm not even joking about that...go ahead and laugh at me :-)

kiana joon said...

love your blog

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

You are too cute!! And hilarious! You pretty much captured what people are thinking but don't actually admit to. The throwback pic is legit! Now following via GFC

Laura Darling said...

Okay you had me laughing at "man on the hall!" I went to a co-ed school but lived in an all girls dorm and we totally did the same thing. So funny!


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