April 15, 2013

It's not friday

My friend Kate and I had planned a little weekend Chucktown trip since the Freds got his new job in Charleston. For 2 months, I have been having her train her stomach for the food explosion that is also known as Charleston. And oh muh gawd, she and her stomach powered through. I was the one trying to keep up.

Stomach, I am sorry. We will be eating only cleansing foods and drinking only water for the next several days weeks. Also, it's counter intuitive for a beach city to have such delicious food. How are we supposed to keep up with the bikini bods? So not happening. I'll pick truffle mac and cheese, goat cheese/sundried tomato burgers, chocolate chunk cookies, fresh artisan bread, and wine wine wine over  no-muffin-top bikini bod any day. 

Thanks for letting me try and justify the amount of grub with which I stuffed my face this weekend. YUM.

Alrighty, well instead of talky talky and typing up funny stories from the weekend you get a photo dump. You are welcome. Nobody wants to read my description of how fun singing rapping country music is as we drive along the beach. Baby, you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruuuuuuise... Just call me Nelly. Nel-mily? Maybe?

Side note: the actual camera with the precious, pretty pictures was left in C-ston so y'all get stuck with the celluar pics. FIGURES. One day, I promise, you'll see a real photo on this here blog. 

one- buckle up, it's the law. Or something like that.
two- Blog world, meet Freddie's eye. 
three- Pre-Jurrasic Park 3D shenanigans. a.k.a.- pre-Emily and Kate jumping into each other's lap. That movie... Stay away form me and my dreams, Velociraptors.
four- We attempted to get some color (other than pasty white) onto our bodies. Fail. But being on the beach was such a win. Thanks, warm weather.
five- This is what waiting too long for your beer looks like. Get the man his beer!
six- Tree canopy. 
seven- Just some couple under the tree canopy. 
eight- This is what eating the best gelato on King Street looks like, fyi. Delicious and beautiful.
nine- Em, Kate, and Liz. Just another Sunday together with the gang.


Helene said...

gimme some of that gelato please. we both lost belongings this weekend. so win for us?

Alex[andra] said...

I looooove food, so your weekend sounds like heaven to me! Looks like it was a lot of fun too. Can't wait till we get beach weather here!

Ashley said...

Ahhh....I want to get out on the beach!! jealous.

Nothing wrong with a bunch of phone pics OR a bunch of yummy food :-)

Erin said...

I lost something over the weekend too... dang it! :( So frustrating, right?!

Love that picture of you two under the tree-- seriously so cute!


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