April 26, 2013

some snail-y but not mail-y letters

I really enjoy getting snail mail. I don't mean the bills/student loan update kind of snail mail, I mean the handwritten letters. I would be a lot more receptive to FedLoan letters if someone would handwrite them. Come on, people, guess you're going in the Uh, dunno what to do about chu stack again.

What is second best to handwritten snail-y mail letters?
Letters here on the blog. 
Happy Friday Letters Day!

Every time I say 'letters' I now hear the rhyme 'bed wetters.' Get outta my head, Nanny Emily.

Dear Students, you worked so hard and I am so proud of your little Swan Lake and Cinderella dances. Have we really been together almost an entire school year? Shut the front door. Stop growing. Dear Other Students, you are going to rock the hizzouse (taking it bizzack) tomorrow during your Aladdin Jr. shows. I would jump over all of the bread lines just to come see y'all perform. Can't wait. Dear Avocados, if you weren't so good I wouldn't keep eating you. It's your own fault, really. Dear Ann, you cannot turn 18 in one week and graduate high school in 3 weeks. No, no, no. No. Now you can buy your own cigarettes! (haaaaa, it's a joke people. Laugh it up). Dear Freddiefran, Let's make a map where we cut out the miles between Chucktown and ATL and then glue it back together so they are right beside each other. I can't wait until I'm right beside yo smiling face for good. (Mmm, taste the sappiness. It's so sweet.) 

Young Ann, many moons ago. Pre-turning 18 and graduating and going to college and growing up.

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Ashley said...

I love those snail mail also! In fact, I had a really great mail day yesterday...love those days! Do you guys ever meet up in the middle...is there anything decent in the middle?


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