April 8, 2013

deep thoughts, by emily

I'm sitting here listening to Ray La and writing this post on a Sunday night. Crazy, this writing posts in advance thing. Freddiefriend just left after a last minute trip to ATL this weekend. It's so strange to go from seeing someone pretty much everyday to only the occasional weekend. I snatch up these weekends like a baby going in for the candy. And I'm sure I act like a baby would act after having that candy slash Fredster taken away from it. These minutes or hours after I leave or Freddie leaves at the end of our weekend trips are the strangest. Getting back into the not so normal routine of seeing that person's cute 'ole face and sexay legs only in Instagram pics instead of all that face to face goody good time we used to get. This past week, after eating granola bars and fruit snacks as dinner for the second or thirdish night in a row (I swear I am six years old, not just five), I gave in to the long distance. Fine, long distance, you win. You win and I eat stupidly because Freddie is the creative chef man who makes the best breakfast, lunch, and dinners. 
Freddiefriend the sushi chef. 

I stay busy and work a lot so I don't sit around thinking about how much I miss Freddie (except I still find time during the crazy long days to think about that). Instead I write little blogs about this time in life where there is so much uncertainty and I am living in the unknown. 

Dun dun dun. The vast and scary unknown. Inhabitants: me. And most of the world... Really, who has it all figured out?

I mean, you know I am living in Atlanta, but in Atlanta my world is a bunch of unknownsies. Like puzzle pieces that need to be put together, but it's a bit unknown how to piece them together at the moment. Butchaknowwut? They're gonna fit together eventually. At least, that is what I tell myself when I start to get anxious and stressed and my worry ulcer pangs are like Heeey girl, we want you to worry about life today. How do ya feel about that?

Just getting freckled and sunny with the Braves this past weekend. Freddie Freeman plus Freddiefriend plus bad close ups. Enjoy.

Thank the Lawd that I even get to see FF on these short weekend trips and props to the strong men and women who do long distance for months on end without seeing each other's precious faces and hugging those bods so tight that the backs crack 6 or 7 times. Those hugs are my fav. 

So long distance, you win. For now, I'll take these fun little weekends and the times when they end and you wonder why saying 'I love you' just doesn't feel like enough sometimes, ya know? Anyone, anyone? Or is that only emolicious Emily who feels the need to express lovey dovey emotions?

You know? I know something that you don't know.
That this post was originally titled, "yolo: spring break edition."  

And now I know y'all are going You are such a downer, Emily! What does this have anything to do with spring break?! I didn't mention tanning, sleeping in, or consuming alcohol once!! You're welcome for changing the name. 

You're also welcome for the Emily edition of: Deep Thoughts.
Now go do something fun on this Monday because it is really my spring break from teaching and that means erry body should have some fun. 

and p.s.--this weekend was the definition of beautiful. Warm weather, you are my best friend. Never leave me.


MaryCaroline said...

"occasional weekend" = EVERY weekend

Helene said...

i love a good weather weekend. you almost can't go wrong.

Leslie said...

I'm in a long distance relationship too and luckily the longest we've gone without seeing each other was about 5 or 6 weeks but it was pure torture! Just remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere! I tell myself that every day!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! How fun!!

xoxo Jamie

Ashley said...

You're kinda cute, Em. I hope you know that.

Noel and I had a long distance relationship for a while..I totally feel you on how hard the weeks can be. How far is it from Charleston to ATL?

Oh and no shame in fruit snacks for dinner...no shame (did it last night)

Erin said...

She's not just kinda cute- she's REAL CUTE Ashley!! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the good weather, and I'm sorry you have to be long distance. Not fun.

PS- that sushi?! OMG!

Susannah said...

Oh dear, long distance SUCKS!!! So sorry you have to deal with this!


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