April 10, 2013

it's a wednesday

It's a Wednesday. And you know what that means... it means that somehow we made it halfway through the week and we're gonna somehow make it to the end of the week. Yeah week, take that. We're almost done wit chu. 

It also means that it's about time for Round 1346 of pointless blog posting. Anybody got some genius ideas of fun, exciting, and funny topics about which to write?! Because Imma need you to share those award worthy ideas with me. 

Side note: I can't do recipe posts because I think you all know how to make a peanut butter sandwich, hold the jelly. Over and out. 

Some days you just want to sit down and type type type and let those feeling schmeelings out and today is one of those days. Let the typing begin! 

Remember how I said this week was my spring break? Well, here we are on Wednesday morning and I feel like my spring break is officially starting. Woo, that means bringing out the vino! It's about to get crazy up in this house! Actually it means me sitting on my b-o-o-t-y and loving every second of it (don't worry, I'll totally be bored of doing nothing by tomorrow. Wink wink). Strike that, I am about to go take a Booty Barre class (?!) and my booty could not be more excited. I bet the barre is pretty excited to see me, too.

You see, spring break couldn't really start until those kiddos up there shone on stage last night. Every Tuesday evening I teach a 2 hour musical theater class in the Nan. The Nan = Newnan which means it is not in Atlanta which means it is my only class of the week that doesn't involve sitting in copious amounts of traffic to and from teaching. 

Let me just brag for a hot minute or two. Or three. Each session of this class runs 6 weeks. This session we focused on the music of Stephen Schwartz which, surprise surprise, entails a whole lot more than just Wicked. Who would have thunk it?! Can you guess all the characters up there?
Oh hey, cheat sheet.

Back to bragging, this session the vocal coach and I decided to write a medley. Each kid picked a character/song from a Stephen Schwartz work and we combined the songs into a little dancing/singing/acting performance. It was a crazy idea 6 weeks ago and it felt crazy up until the 6 seconds before they performed tonight. Between sickness, spring breaks, and more sickness, we had all of the students there for only ONE class. One. And last time I checked I wasn't Mary Poppins and my room didn't magically clean itself. A.K.A my dances didn't magically get choreographed. 

These kids should be on Broadway Jr. Is that a thing? I just made it a thing. We finished blocking and choreographing in the hour before the show (Heeey, Last Minute Lucy, so not nice to meet you), and they took the stage much like This ain't no thang. We learn choreography right before a show everyday. Give me something that's actually hard to do.

So, sigh. of. relief. Moral of the story?
Kids are great, even when you think they're giving you stress ulcers. Also, even when they complain. Because they somehow pull things together and are great.

Second moral?
Don't write dance-y blogs because 99.9% of the readers (hey, Dad!) are not dance-y people. Hope I didn't lose anyone up there around the second of third time I menioned the word dance or theater or you know, stuff.


Helene said...

ohh that is awesome, i would have been freaking out- brag away. also agree with you on pbj, hold the j.

Alex[andra] said...

That is so awesome that you teach musical theater! That sounds like it's a ton of fun.

Enjoy your spring break!

Susannah said...

That medly sounds awesome! I would have LOVED to have seen it! :-)


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