April 23, 2013

never have i ever

This Travel Tuesday we're gonna take a bit of a different journey on this here blog. (please read that in a super Southern accent).

Because I am the worst and can't find any good pictures from any actual travels I've taken (surprise! I've never actually left Georgia) (surprise! that's a joke!), we are traveling back in time today.

Das right, we are traveling back to life of an undergrad. Which is exactly the journey Ruth, my college roommate, and I went on Friday night. This past weekend was Alumnae Weekend at Agnes Scott which basically really means Old Women Get Together to Drink and Sing Weekend. And when I say old, I am including myself because I felt. so. old.

Example #1 of Being Old
Dressing up to go to campus.
A) You (I) never wear (wore) real clothes in college. Especially not at Agnes. And double especially because I was a dance/education major and B) We had to go to campus. We didn't just walk outta the dorm room doors. Don't you just feel old reading this?

Example #2 of Hey, Wake up! You're No Longer College Aged!
You pre-game Alum Weekend events by going to wine and cheese functions. This means you do not pre-game in tiny dorm rooms with cheap alcohol. You class it up with the former Scotties and casually sip yo free wine.

Example #3 of You Sleep In a Big Girl Bed Now
You are no longer collectively known as a Scottie. You are known (and branded) as a member of the Class of such and such year.

Now, at Agnes we have Hub Sings. Hub Sings are too hard to explain to you other university goers, so let me explain with this video...
We drink. We crowd together. And we sing songs. Don't be jelly.

Go watch it again! And again! All Hail to the Alumnae and May They Get Rich!!! (Yes, pls).

After they took away the free wine from us alums, Ruth and I were like screw. this. Let's go be 19 again. Or 20. Or 21. Or 22 again, T. Swift knew what was up with that song. 22 was the life. (not really, boooring age). So off we went to sit on a futon in a dorm and eat Puppy Chow and watch a game called Buffalo that made no sense. And feel old. But...

Notice anything different about these pictures? That's right, we look like we are 18 and in college again, right?! Right?
But, I mean, look at my wine pour in the third pic. I mean, really.

Moral of this post? Traveling back in time makes you (me) feel old, but you (I) can still have a lot of fun even if you're old and stuffy. College friends kind of make the best friends.

Like we spent the next day recovering wanting naps and eating a free funnel cake from Kate. Say funnel cake from Kate 5x while looking at this picture.

College, you were fun and all, but somehow being an alum is more fun.

Helene in Between


Russ said...

Hey, you want old? Attend your daughter's college graduation one year and listen to her "blah blah" the next year about how old she feels (right before she does a high kick, a split and runs a few miles! :)

Ruth said...

Love youuuuuuu. God bless us, we need it!

Ruth said...

Love youuuuuuu. God bless us, we need it!

Helene said...

I AGREE!!! contrary to popular belief i actually think life after college is more fun. and you clearly proved that. kudos.


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