January 2, 2013

we are back in business, bloggin' babies

I know it is not Mother's Day or Father's Day and writing sweet nothings about my parents may or may not thoroughly confuse you since it is just January 2 and I'm pretty sure nothing is too terribly special about January 2. Other than the fact that it my sister's 6 month anniversary with her lil boyfrand. And it is the second day of the new year and all that, but I am going to take a minute of this January 2 to talk about my parents.

They are pretty darn fantastic, which is something I have always known. I mean, I am such a homebody it is not even funny. But if you had a home as homey as my home, you'd probably be exactly the same way. 

I've also recently become the world's biggest bi-polar sap. One minute I am laughing and making other people laugh (okay, so maybe it's usually just me laughing at my own jokes...) and the next minute I am bawling my eyes out about how life is too short and we need to just live and do all the things we also claim we are going to do. Seriously, for a girl who grew up rarely ever crying this is a complete turn around. And it makes me feel a little crazy. 

But life IS too short! So put me in the looney bin because I'm going to cry about how I want to experience life more some days, period.

Back to my parents. We have all been riding this emotional roller coaster lately, and I've blogged about that some. One thing I have not really touched on during my blogging is the overwhelming amount of respect I feel for my parents. Seeing my mother lose her mother unexpectedly this year was life changing. I will never ever forget the feeling in my heart as I heard my mom weep like I have never heard a woman weep while we were in the funeral home. And you know what? Yes, she was crying and grieving a loss, but in that moment she was weeping as she looked at the flowers and the outpouring of love and support we had received from so so many people. None of us could even begin to grasp the outpouring of kindness that was being given to us.

Hearing my mom's reaction to the love made me cry and looking back on that moment, I can't help but tear up a little (but I have a smile on my face this time.) You know why? Because it's ironic. This is the woman who loves harder than anyone else I know. She has become a second mother to my friends, she has always opened our home to others, she has gone above and beyond to make others feel included/welcomed/loved. When we are home she insists on a good night kiss from all of us before we go to bed and never forgets an 'I love you!' She finds an excuse to give gifts outside of birthdays and holidays (we always get merde gifts for performances).

She also completely cleared two days out of her busy schedule to be with me in the big bad city after I called her in hysterics when my car was broken into and stuff was stolen. 

So let's just say, I could weep hysterically every single day because of all the love and support I get from that woman.

And Russell, if there is one thing that man has learned from living in a mostly all female household it is to be the sturdy hugging stand so we can all lean on him when needed. And oh buddy, we lean on that man a lot. And his big belly hugs are the best. 

Why did I write all of that on a regular 'ole January 2 day?

Because I love these Moore's moore than you do. (the last name jokes, keep 'em coming!)

p.s.--oh yeah, today I was graciously given a replacement Macbook which will be superglued to my face (per Freddie's suggestion) so no one tries to steal this one. Unless they want this bi-polar sap face too.

Y'all, we are back in blogging business. 
Macbook Dos declares it to be so.


MaryCaroline said...

With this blog you have validated the saying,
"A daughter is a gift of love."

Emily, you are a big ol' heap of love!

Huggy Huggy Kissy Kissy!

Russ said...

So you DON'T want me to lose weight?

(I love you, too!)

Kayla Peveler said...

Uh, your dress is gorgeous ma'am!! You are so darn sweet :) and funny! Have a great day!

Bhumi said...

I love me some mama and papa Moore <3 <3 <3

Ashley said...

Yay for being back in business!!! :-)

Your parents sounds pretty incredible. I'm a homebody myself...so I can definitely relate!


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