January 9, 2013

music to my ears

Do you ever get into this rut where there is just absolutely nothing you want to blog about? I mean, like nothing. At. All.

And not because I don't want to write, but because I don't want to bore any of you with the mundane details about my dance rehearsals or about the time my sister asked me if I knew how to quiff hair. (little sister say wha? quiff?) (google it, good thing I have her to keep my vocab young and hip).

So there I was today, driving, not knowing what to post on my blog, and belting my heart out along with my iPod. And then it hit me. Music! Fa la la la, music. 

Music is a big part of everyone's life. It's in movies. It plays in every store. It keeps us entertained as we drive for hours and hours. It motivates us to run those last few minutes...I mean, miles. It can be happy, sad, mad, glad (should I keep rhyming?). Music is the food of love. P.S.-I stole that from my music social club in college. 

When I find a song or album that I just love, I fixate on it. It is all I want to listen to no matter where I am or what I am doing. Therefore, it is so easy for me to associate parts of my life with music that I listened to during those times. 

I and Love and You, by the Avett Brothers, is one of my all time favorite albums. I like each and every song on that CD and I associate it with one of the favorite times in my life, dating the Freddiefriend. I mean, we are still dating, but back then it was really dating. And cooking and going out trying to impress each other and soaking up every single second of time with this person. So maybe what I mean is falling in love with the FF. Everybody say, Awwww.

When FF and I started first dating he lived in the big bad ATL and I lived an hour away in the small nice Newnan. Every weekend one of us made the trip to see the other. When I went up to Atlanta I always claimed it was to spend time with my friends who were up there in college, but I am pretty sure everyone knew it was really to go to sit and listen to Freddie laugh. And ohhh that laugh, that perfect laugh, made me up and fall in love with that Freddiefriend way faster than I thought. 

My routine was simple. Get in my car, drive up the interstate, play the I and Love and You CD, sing along, and soak in the exciting feeling of butterflies in my stomach and anxiety to get to the destination just a little faster so I could spend just a little more time with the Freds. Every time I listen to that CD now I go right back to that place. 

And I smile like a silly girl in love.
Or a little kid in a candy shop. Either way, I'm smiling real big.

Listen! Listen! To the whole album, but first this song.

Linking up today with Shanna.
What about you? What is some of your favorite music and why?


Bhumi said...

Mumford and Sons, The Cave reminds me of the night we fell in roomie love in Caroline's living room <3

Ashley said...

So was this song you were listening to when you inspired to write this post?

Music really is inspiring. Always has been for me!


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