January 12, 2013

basketball vs. balletball

I grew up going to football and basketball games. I mean, Russ Moore worked for Georgia Tech, so I grew up going to those games pretty frequently. My size 7 GT cheerleading outfit got some good use, let's put it that way. 

But in all that mess of games, I somehow never managed really to learn anything about the sports. I knew when our team scored and when to cheer and when to belt out the words to I'm a Ramblin' Wreck, but meanwhile, I really learned about ballet. And how to activate my rotator muscles in order to maintain my balances and when to tombe pas de bourree before a saut de chat and when to chassee before a saut de chat.

That my friends, was all I ever needed to know about anything sportsy. Or so I thought until today when I was asked who the center is in basketball and I responded that he is the one that stands center stage. (Okay okay, that's a funny! I obviously know it is a basketball court and not a stage. Give me 1% of credit.)

You know how sometimes you think guys never think things through or think of things ahead of time? Come on, you all sometimes wonder if men really ever think or plan. Well, good news. They do. Sometimes. And this particular time, Freddie came up with a pretty good plan ahead of time. As a Christmas present, FF bought my whole family tickets to a Georgia Teach basketball game. For a GT crazed family, this gift could not have been more perfect. Especially because my dear, sweet grandfather (a.k.a Mr. Diddy; a.k.a. the Dids) is a Tech alum. And the last time he was up on campus having fun was the day he flipped over our stairs and broke his hip. And since then he has been in surgery and rehab and trying to heal and being confined to Newnan. It has been 5 months since that man had some real fun, and that was exactly what today was: real big fun.

I may be biased (but I'm not), but these two Tech alums are my favorite Tech alums.
The whole gang of Yellow Jacket lovers.

Thanks for a fun day, Freddiefriend and family! 

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