December 31, 2012

old year's end

My last few end of the year blog posts have been an overview of each month and each popular post from that month. This routine generally brought lots of smiles and giggles as I was reminded of all that had happened in that year. As I was looking through my Stats recently I realized that this post has been my most popular and most read post not only for the year, but for the entire short little life of my blog. And with that reminder of that post and the wonderful woman in that post, I smiled. Who knew Miss Momma would be so famous in the blog world?! 

2012 was a hard year. For many more reasons than the loss of Miss Momma. I haven't been blogging much since my computer was stolen and it wasn't until recently when I sat down to recreate my 2013 Snapfish picture calendar that I realized I didn't have my pictures from the majority of the year anymore. Bye bye laptop = bye bye pictures. Don't worry, most of the good ones of Freddiefriend are on my phone. Sigh of relief. 

But during this hard year, and especially during the past few months, I feel like I have had to grow up. Fast. Grow up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you name it. Life is hard. And it isn't fair. And no matter how many times Mary Caroline told us that growing up, it took some big oh no no's to open my eyes and make me try to swim through the bad stuff. So there are bad days and you want to do nothing but sit down and cry, right? (and oh Lawdy, those days seem to have come in mass recently). But this is the end of the whole year. 365 days--we did it! We even lived through the end of the world...several times...We get to experience a whole new year!

And you know what? Good stuff always accompanies the gross bad stuff. I've seen and felt some of the deepest love and support from my family. And I hope I've reciprocated. Moore hugs and Moore laughter, please. (you know you love the last name jokes!) And the love and support from Freddie, whoa. I am 100% positive this FF man is the best thing. Period. He's so good I don't even need any of those "since sliced bread" type endings on there. 

So this day, December 31, this end of the year, is a reminder for all those other days, when you feel like life is dragging you down down down and you are never getting back up, that you will. And life will go on. And a new year will come. 

And now, may I present, 2012: A Short Picture Review. (very short. and more like the last 1/4 of 2012.) 
Thank God for sisters and their picture taking and their lending of computers.

no big deal. that's just the tulle skirt I got for Christmas.
Last but not least, not a picture from 2012, but still a mighty fine picture.

Happy New Year Everyone!
I have a feeling 2013 might knock our socks off a bit. At least, it better. 

1 comment:

Ashley said...

It's hard when we have to grow up faster than expected. Glad you see the good in things, though.

And PLEASE...pretty please let me see a close up of that tulle skirt!!!


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