January 22, 2013

me me me

Today is a day for link ups. And guess what?  Whitney from over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work has declared this link up to be facts about me. And you, but about me on this blog. 

Ooo blogs, such easy places to be selfish and vain.
But instead of focusing on that downer fact, let's focus on how excited you all are to learn more about me?!

Can I get a "heeeey-oh!"?

Fact: I only like to write with blue ink pens.
What a weirdo. I really don't have an explanation for this one...so yeah. Give me the blue pen, puh-lease. 

Fact: I am left handed bodied. 
I am the only person in my family that is left handed. And when I say left handed/bodied, I mean it. The right side of my body can't do anything. Which is a weird thing to say...but since I'm a dancer, I especially notice all the things I can do better with my left side. Pros: It makes me cool (a.k.a. different). It makes me smart (all the smarties were/are left handed, look it up). Cons: It makes me smear the ink every. time. I. write. Every time. 
Wash your hands, nasty!

Fact: I talk out loud to other drivers. I "exclaim" how they are annoying me.
 Living in Atlanta and having to be in my car more hours than I am at work has turned me into a monster. The grumpy old aggressive driver kind of monster. That's what sitting in traffic 'erry day will do to ya. This has been a recent revelation. I noticed what a monster I had become last week when I caught myself loudly saying things like, Oh cool! Why don't you just go 25 mph and make my day?! and I love it when you cut me off! NOT. and Thanks for almost hitting me. Let's do that again!! 

Fact: Getting tattoos doesn't bother me, but piercings freak me out.
Use a needle to carve ink inside my skin and I'm fine. Pull out a needle to pierce my ear and I cry. I don't know why, but ehhh just thinking about it makes me cringe in fear and disgust. 
A cold January night back in 2008, when my friends told me we were going out to dinner. Instead they took me to get my first tattoo. Surprise. 

Fact: I hate hate people trying to take serious pictures of me. 
A.k.a.-I think I look dumb.
And by serious, I mean just nice smiling pictures. I look like a crazy person. Every time Freddie pulls out his camera I just make faces. Because embracing the crazy in pictures looks better than trying to hide it with an awful looking smile, right? Right? Anyone? Also, my go to face is some weird "Hey, I'm smiling but with my mouth wide open and now I just look dumber" face. 
Hey! It's Alan Rickman! I'm so excited let me open my mouth to show you.

Let's just take pictures like this all the time! Much better.

Fact: I am crazy about my teeth. 
When I say crazy, I mean more on the insane side of the crazy than the kind of normal side of crazy. I am crazy about the being white and straight and perfect and wonderful and healthy parts. All of it. I wear my retainers every night because otherwise I can tell my teeth have shifted. Promise, they do, they really do. I've only had one cavity and it was so small they just filed it down. The really sad part about that is that I now have to admit that I have had a cavity. I floss every night because a floss a day keeps the dentist away. They never teach ya that riddle in school...

She be crazy! I know what you're thinking.

Fact: I am terrified of eye drops.
I can't even watch people put them in without wanting to curl up in a ball. Don't touch my eyes. Even you, eye doctor.
Getting glasses and being scared to go to the eye doctor was a fun experience.

Fact: I am writing facts when I should be choreographing.
Burn! Just called out myself. I've got a class later today that needs to learn the rest of their Razzle Dazzle dance. That's my cue to go. Chicago is calling out to my dancing feet.

Also linking up with this dancin' queen, Helene, today.
Helene in Between


Russ said...

I am commenting on this post! So now, not only has somebody commented - I HAVE! That's a two-fer...

Russ said...

Seriously, this is a very poignant blog post. I mean funny. Well, poignant is a funny word, if you think about it, so it's both. I like your smile. I wish you would record yourself driving and play it back for us. Why doesn't the ink smeared on your hand in the picture above look blue? I wish tattooing scared you, too. Did I spell tattooing, right? Can people tell we're related? Are you beginning to regret asking me to post on all your blogs? Should I not have said that out loud? I didn't, I wrote it. But if you like, next time I'm driving, I will say it out loud...

Recently Roached said...

That's hilarious. Blue ink only, huh? :)

And your fear of eye drops totally reminds me of a Friends episode with Rachel. You should watch it ;)

Helene said...

i absolutely talk out loud to other drivers. it's bad. im sure people think i'm crazy. and i look weird in all pictures. haha

Kayla Peveler said...

Crazy pictures are way better than serious ones anyway ;) haha... I totally talk out loud to other drivers, because I'd be way too scared to do it to their face.

Brandi said...

Ummm I heart tattoos and blue pens!!!!

Ashley said...

My sister is the only lefty in our family as well. And yes, being a lefty is way cool in dance :)

Nosaj Tdimhcs said...

I am exactly the same way with blue ink and eyedrops. BTW--LOVE the glasses pic of you. HOT!


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