September 28, 2011

happy schmappy

Some of my fellow friends (a.k.a bloggers that I stalk) have been making little happy lists lately. I love this because a) lists are my favorite thing next to copious amounts of froyo and b) sometimes during the week you (I) need to sit down, shut up, and realize that life is fabulous and there are plenty of reasons to be happy. now, of course, these people's lists are all about their cute little babies and their cute little families doing cute little family things, but I bet I can make my list just as cute minus the babies.

1. Spending the weekend at the beach. Eating beach-y food and soaking up that 90 degree sun. which doesn't seem to feel as hot when there is that large body of water nearby. Get on that ATL.
2. Making late night milkshakes. With lots of Reese's and extra peanut butter and a lil' bit of ice cream and milk. 
3. Getting a day where I don't have to dance and can wear real clothes! And take a morning shower! And not sweat! Dear Lawd, this makes me a lot happier than it probably should but I am so excited. !!
4. Getting sent baby pictures from my friend who is nannying. justwannapitchtheircheekieweekies.
5. Cancelled classes slash LABS. No explanation needed.
6. Singing the Revelation 21:8 Liars Go to Hell song I was sung growing up in the dining hall.
7. Watching Parks and Rec and getting to laugh about it still almost a week later. 
8. Realizing my dad has too much fun taking distorted webcam pictures of himself and posting them on the internet. 
9. Slowly but surely crossing off homework assignments from the to-do lists. Let's forget about the part where I add more on... 
9a. In continuation with number 9, having a boyfriend who helps me with homework. Complicated annoying homework that somehow is sooo terribly easy for Freds. Oh the woes of being sooo smart and Tech-y. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
10. Drum roll please...and finally, realizing how incredibly lucky I am to a) have a family and Freds that is always ridiculously loving b) have the chance to come back to school (as much as I can complain about it, and trust me I can, I am so glad to be back) and c) have wonderful, amazing, generous, caring, special, amazing (shall I go on?) people reading my silly nonsense of a blog like YOU

So then, what makes YOU happy? Other than this blog, DUH.

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