October 13, 2012

bite sized candy? chinese finger puzzle?

Halloween brings in lots of good things.

Like the cooler weather. For those of us in Georgia that means 70 degrees, but girlfriend I will take that 70 degrees and I will happily shiver and wear a jacket just 'cause. 

Halloween also brings in Christmas. Okay, roll with me here. Halloween ends and Christmas is only 50ish days later. That means that Halloween brings in Christmas. Why doesn't anyone dress up as Santa on Halloween??

But the best, the absolute best thing Halloween brings?

Say it with me my fatty friends. Candy. 

I try to hold out until at least mid-October to purchase the first bag of Halloween candy for the year. So, that means that I have my first bag by October 5. I did say mid-way through the first 1/3 of the month, right? I just have one teeny tiny problem with these Halloween candies. They are "bite-size." First of all, how realistic can one really be when choosing a size to be classified as "bite-size." My bite is probably smaller than Big Foots, but bigger than the kiddos that get these candies in their goody bags. (My bite might actually be close to Mr. Large Feet. I can't help it. Eating is my thing. Like for some people, working out is their thing...) 

My problem as the consumer is the opposite of a problem for a producer. Those producers are in their secret planning meetings going, "Tee hee hee! We make the candy bite-sized and people eat more and think they are eating less! We are geniuses!" 

And they are. They are very smart. And their tricks work on my treats (hey?! anyone? anyone?). I eat 10 bite-size candies and give myself a pat on my back because at least I didn't buy that regular size Milky Way bar, right?

Let's all celebrate this Halloween season by not dressing up at all. Because in reality, we will all look like real life sumo wrestlers if we keep eating these bite-size chocolate bars. 
And by we, I mean me. Dear Lord, do I  mean me. 

I will leave you with this picture of more sugary things. The Freddiefriend has recently decided to become Cake Boss Jr. Here is a cake plate complete with piping galore done by Buddy/Freddie Jr. 
my new favorite thing ever? Going to Hobby Lobby with FF. Hobs Lobs plus that hunk really is like a going to a candy store with a kid. 

p.s-- if you can guess where the blog post title is from you will win a very special prize. 

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