October 31, 2012

raindrops on roses

Everytime I do a Favorite Things post I want to include some witty joke about Julie Andrews and singing and the Sound of Music and yadda yadda yadda. So pretend that that was my witty joke! Badda bing, you can even chuckle a little if you want. Ya know, to make it even more realistic. 

Anyways, let's get on with the answer to the ever-exciting question of, "Emily, what are some of your favorite things right now?"

Well y'all, these are some of my favorite things...

1. Pinterest crafting. Me Oh My, I cannot get enough. Don't worry, I am planning a big 'ole post about all the crafting that has been going on over here. Here is a little taste to hold you over. Yum!

2. It's ombre or the highway. And I choose ombre. Yay for new hair and a hairdresser than can make my hair look like something other than stick straight. Girl please, I wish I had those magic powers. 

3. Home. To me, home is where the prettiest courthouse is. And that is definitely in Newnan. Sorry Atlanta, I might live with you, but Newnan is my home. 

Photo credit for all three pictures goes out to the lovely Ann Moore. I got lucky in the sister department. And in the photographer department.  

Now it's your turn! Me and Julie (Andrews, duh) want to know what are some of your favorite things?


MaryCaroline said...

Wednesdays with Emily are one of my favorite things!

Ashley said...

Girl!! You should have linked up with me yesterday!!

Loving your hair...you really did luck out in the sister (and photographer dept). I love when my sister comes in to town to take pictures!!

Ashley said...

PS. Can't wait til your Pinterest craft post!


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