October 5, 2012

once upon a fair

Do you ever sit down to write the most amazing post ever and when you start typing you just...

can't think of the most amazing thing ever?

Like me right now?

I did think of the most mediocre post ever and I think it will have to do for now. I've decided to keep a note in my phone of thoughts and experiences that would make great blog posts. Like when was the public announcement that the 55 mph speed limit on 285 is just a suggestion? I feel like what a snail must feel like while travelling down the autobahn. Or a post about visiting the mountains and basking in the changing colors of the leaves (kinda like my girl, Pocahontas). But a trip like that hasn't happened yet and most of the leaves are still greenish and today was like 85 degrees so that post wouldn't work for now.

But this post, this post about the Coweta County fair, this post will work for now. 

When I was a kid, the fair was like the hot spot. The hot spot where all fun things could happen in one place. Oooh, the rides! And the big slide! Man, that slide. The food, the games that I won (because people would let me win, so what), the F-U-N. I even won a few ribbons for art work in my glory fair days. That's celebrity status right here.  Well, the Coweta County fair moved to a new fairground and continued on for years and years while I was too busy to go. So when the fair came around this year I decided I must go. I must ride all the twirly whirly swirly rides. I must eat all the double dog deep fried food (for real, there were fried Milky Way bars this year. What?). And so, I did. Ann and I rode out to the boondocks and skipped on in to the fair. The fair!!

Mistake #1- I ate a full lunch before going. There was no room in my stomach for fried (or not fried) anything. 

The man operating the Tilt-A-Whirl must have wanted to "do me a favor" and make some room in my stomach because he made the ride last for like a good 5 minutes. My squeals went from pure glee of reliving the glory days to getmeoffofthisridenowbeforeIvom. 

Mistake #2- Stumbling off the Tilt-A-Whirl and straight over to the Himalaya. And then the Scrambler. (What are these names?? How about the Comet Vomit or the Swirl and Spew). 

I have no idea how I did this as a child. How did I ride all these rides and still laugh and giggle and walk in a straight line? Ann and I lasted 45 minutes, 3 rides, and 0 food purchases. We definitely did not get a gold star for walking straight lines. 

Then I came home and had the most intense and satisfying hand washing of my life. Germs at the fair! What is this nonsense? There were never germs there when I was little. 

This is what we look like normally. I mean, when we feel sick.

This is the Crazy Bus. As seen on Arthur. 

This is the fair in all of its glory: germs, food, nausea, and fun. 

The End. 

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