October 21, 2012

hey, it's ellijay

If I had to pick one of my favorite things about Freddiefriend I would probably say...that it was too hard. But since I am writing this and have had plenty of time to think and pick just one before posting, I say one of my favorite things is that he is always up for an adventure. No matter how crazy my reasoning for the adventure may be or how little sleep he gets the night before, he just puts on a smile and packs some food and blankets. You know, the necessities for any adventure.  

Last year we decided to spend a nice fall day in Ellijay. Why Ellijay? I mean, hellooo we live in Atlanta, the most happenin' place around.  Well, Ellijay has trees. Lots and lots of trees that have lots and lots of pretty and colorful leaves this time of year. Ellijay also has a lot of apples. A lot. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so I'm pretty sure there never has  been and never will be a doctor in Ellijay. It also is quiet. And quaint. And the complete opposite of Atlanta. So there, that is why we went.

Well, fall came around again this year (imagine that...) and I decided we should go spend another day in Ellijay. Because it's pretty! And Atlanta doesn't have apples, right?

This is the part where Freddiefriend just smiles and picks me up and off we go.
And off we went!

Life post-college doesn't really slow down. While I may see FF more frequently during the week when homework isn't consuming all hours, when we do see each other during the week I feel like we are in zombie mode. Must eat dinner. Must keep eyes open for dinner. Must sleep now. The other night we were sitting on the couch and I was about to get up and leave so I could go to bed when I realized it wasn't even 9. Clock say whaaat?! Why did we fight early bedtimes so much as children?...

So, if you ask me, spending a whole day up in the middle of nowhere mountains with FF was perfect. And maybe if you asked Freddie he would say the same. Except not. (because he would probably say it was beyond perfect). I betcha didn't know FF talks like that and all. 

Ain't a good blog post without some pics, y'all. Enjoy feeling like you're looking at pretty postcards. 

And this creepy scarecrow/mannequin hybrid is saying Score, you picked some good apples! or something like that...

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Ashley said...

That IS a scary sight...that scarecrow "thing".

So true...Post college life gets busier and busier!


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