April 29, 2011

Learn (ing) Something (s)

Now that I have kept my blog updated a little better(...), I have been slacking on my Learn Something posts. Whoopsies. I'll get the science of blog-estry down eventually. Sounds like I need a few more classes before I can graduate with that degree.

This week's learnings:
  • Choosing a favorite Parks and Rec character is next to impossible. Seriously, you try it because I bet you can't pick just one. Ron Swanson? Oh but wait, I really want a piggy bag ride/shoe shine from Andy. But then there's always Tom--who doesn't love Tom? Lemme get some LL Cool Aide. 
  • Half off Easter candy magically just tastes better than that regular priced stuff.
  • Prince William went by Will Wales in college. He and Kate were both studying History of Art (which is a fancy way of saying Art History, duhh) and later became roommates with two other people. Thank God for TLC pre-wedding specials. 
  • Even though it was their wedding day and she was marrying a Prince and everyone was outside screaming (and we were all inside screaming everywhere else in the world) Prince William and Kate must have been harshly threatened and told not to smile. How do you not smile while you're getting married?! To the prince?! Or to a gorgeous girl?! On live TV?! Give us something to work with, y'all. We only got up at an ungodly hour for this fest of stoic-ness. Sheesh.
  • I sang along with all the hymns so it definitely felt like I was there. Minus the whole actually being there part. Minor details, people. We're still talking about the Royal Wedding, try to follow along. 
  • I do not do a good job comforting little children when they are shaking with fright and there are tornadoes nearby. Because I too am shaking with fright. Solution? Cuddle up and watch Disney channel. Loudly.  
I tried so hard to steer clear of the Royal Wedding madness, but whatcanIsay. I'm human. (And female!) And it's a wedding. And yes, I learned so much from it. 

Kate, thanks a lot for stealing my dress. 

Also, BIG NEWS. Even bigger than the Royal Wedding. Are you ready? My last post was the 50th post. 50! How did I miss that? I needed some big party for my blog with Over the Hill balloons and canes and light up crowns. Blog, I am so sorry I missed celebrating your 50th. Can we make up for it with your 51st?  
Happy 51st! Let's go for 51 more.


Russ said...
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Russ said...

That lucky child was nevertheless comforted by your presence. Why? Two reasons, both part of God's mysterious design: 1) Because (frightened though you were) you are bigger than she is. And 2) Disney is distracting.

Let's go for 52 more, at least! Years.


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