April 18, 2011

When I say Sweetwater, you say...

beer. Or, you say 5k. In this case, 5k would be more accurate. I have lived to tell the tale of my second 5k, the Sweetwater 420 5k.

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth or out of my fingers onto the keyboard: my second 5k. The Universe has tried its hardest to make it clear to me that running is so not my thing. I'm all like, "Universe, dude, come on. Just let me be free to run." And the Universe is all like, "Emily, dude, stop. Seriously, I will make you miserable." And I'm all like, "Laugh laughsies. I'm going to do whatever I want." Basically, all of this means I envy the people that say things like, "Good morning! Just ran 15 miles--feeling great! Can't wait to run 18 tomorrow!"

Seriously? You people are not my friends.

I learned several lessons throughout my experience with this race:
1) Running a Disney race as my first race spoiled me rotten. I am that little girl in the toy store who expects only the best and finest things. (Belle and the Beast were not there to send us off at the Start line. My pre-race dance party was nowhere to be found, and instead of running on the flat ground of the Epcot countries I was running through hilly neighborhoods in Decatur).
2) Georgia is hot.
3) Running alone is about as smart as the 127 hours man who decided it was a good idea to go hike alone and not tell anyone where he was going. However, I managed to keep all my limbs so I win that round.

I say these things in jest, of course (ish). The race started at 11am. I started in the middle of the mob of runners. I had Miss I Am Determined To Run This 5k In 20 Minutes Or My Life Will Be Over to my left and the We Are Only Dating Each Other Because We Both Run An Obnoxious Amount couple to my right. Yeah! Let's do this! Off we went. I felt like I spent the first 1.5 miles with people flying by me. I was the slow car on the interstate that really doesn't belong in any lane even though there's that sign that says MINIMUM speed 40 mph.. I kept looking behind thinking surely every single person has passed me and I am holding down the fort here at the back of the line. Somehow there were still people back there...but I still looked back every now and then just to make sure.

Side note: I did manage to find myself a "running partner." Enter Mr. Moaning/Heaving/Spitting man. It actually wasn't that bad (other than the constant spitting), because he was vocalizing all the pain I was feeling. I found a winner!

The last mile was mostly up hill. I am fairly certain the person that made the route didn't get in a good April Fools Day joke this year and decided to make up for it by adding in that hill for the last mile. REALLY FUNNY. I was laughing so hard. That was officially when I realized there was no longer anyone passing me because they were all walking. Psh, walking shmalking, right? WRONG. I caved and gave into all that peer pressure and start walking up the hill. My little Jiminy Cricket conscience was reminding me that I ran the entire race last time and now my time would be longer. My little Emily Moore body could care less and enjoyed the walking break.

As I ran and crossed the Finish line I saw "34:50" on the clock. Say whaaat? Did I really finish a few seconds faster than the race where I ran the entire time? I still haven't figured out that mystery. Or maybe it isn't a mystery and I should just speed walk everything because apparently I can speed walk faster than I can run...possibly?

Whatever the case, I finished! Someone asked me why I felt the need to run another race and honestly, nothing feels better than that feeling of accomplishment when it is all said and done. I could definitely win an Olympic medal in exaggerating and complaining (as I'm sure you all can tell), but I really am glad I went through with both of these races.

Plus, check out my new sweet(water) shirt (the actual reason I sign up for races...)

Also, BIG bonus of the day: Kate and Nelly waiting at the Finish line not only cheering, but cheering with a bowl of creamy dreamy Flying Biscuit grits for me in their hands. Y'all are the best. Want to follow me to any and all races I run in the future? Just think about it---it could be great...


MaryCaroline said...

I am very proud of you for running TWO 5K's! Go, Emily, Go!

PS- Pretty sure Florida (locale of Emily's first 5K) is HOT. Especially Central Florida!

Kate said...

Homegirl, I keep telling you to run the peach so I can come. Grits included. I would volunteer to run it with you, but to be honest the most running I'll do is a block to make sure I don't miss your finish. <3

Russ said...

Haha! You have inspired me to run FIVE 1Ks in 30 minutes or less. Each! In Georgia! This summer!



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