April 3, 2011

a little late learning something

Let's put on your pretend-y pants and pretend that today is Friday. Yay, Friday! It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down (and pretend) it's Friday. 

Ok, now that we are on the same page and day it's time for some Learn Something action. Sorry I didn't post this on the actual Friday. Since I started doing this thing, Fridays seem to sneak up so fast. And then I'm like whaaa, it's Friday? Already? What did I learn this week? What did I even do this week? Ah. Too. Much. Pressure. Must. Make. Lists.

So, what did I learn this past week? Well, for starters I obviously learned or need to learn to pay more attention to my week and the fab things it is teaching me. I feel a (short) list coming on...
  • Self serve frozen yogurt places need to relocate to my kitchen. Because that's all I want.
  • Even though some days are 80 degrees now, I still cannot break up with the space heater and turn it off. 
  • Skimming a pool when it's windy is the worst idea ever. Everyone all together now, "Duh..."
  • I will get back to school. Somehow. Can getting back to school be a full time job? Yes? Good. I'll be back. IwillIwillIwillIwill. Keep saying that out loud while you finish reading the post... because I will be saying this (probs out loud) for the next few months. 
  • And finally, Butler will win. Maybe I didn't learn that (yet), but I am predicting that as an early Learn Something for next Friday. So get ready for this. I need to start writing fortune cookies I'm so psychic. 
Also, this man and his bow tie make everything better and cuter. That's a lesson I could re-learn over and over every week. 

1 comment:

Bhumi said...

to your fourth point: yes you will <3


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