May 8, 2011

Best Ever

May is turning out to be just a jolly little ole month. The first Sunday was Ann's birthday. Not just any birthday, mmkay? This was the one and only Sweet 16. We managed to pull off a surprise party for her and it will air on the next season of My Super Sweet 16.

Just kidding.

It was a pretty sweet party. Just minus the famous rapper, a few thousand bucks, and the new car. But, who needs those things when nothing is sweeter than celebrating with your closest friends and family? ;) Also, when you have a father with a car and a mom with a minivan, why would you even need your own car? (Ann, are you reading this? Is it making you feel better?)

Now, a week later, we are celebrating another fabulous day---Mother's Day! Just in case some of you were unaware it was Mother's Day, now you know. Although, if you have a Facebook I don't see how you could have possibly missed all the, "Happy Mother's Day to the BEST MOM EVER!"'s or the "You are the best mom a kid could ever imagine having!!!!!!"'s. What you don't know is that all of those statements are false. Wrong. Inaccurate. Because unless all of those people have my mom, then they just have no right saying that. (And I secretly hope you don't all have my mom because then I'd have way more siblings with whom I'd have to share her.)
DAWWW. Had enough cheese yet?

Seriously, best ever. That's exactly what the card I gave her this morning said--best ever. When I was four, I didn't go to preschool (HORRORS). Instead, I got to spend an entire extra year hanging out with MC. That is the year when I learned all the cool tricks that make me awesome now. I know you were wondering how I got to be this way and well, now you know. Partying up in 1993 with MC. Also, side note, we can read each other's minds. How cool is that?! 

We were telepathic-ly communicating about what we wanted to do when we woke up. Probs eat. 

Mom, I love you. I think you're fab. I channel some MC everyday when I am babysitting. I want to keep my kids home from Pre-K just so we can have party time everyday. Thanks for letting me be your favorite child...I mean, what?...


MaryCaroline said...

And this is why I wanted to grow up and be a mom.

I love you, Emily Prisspot!

Russ said...

I'm crying real tears...Not really, but that was REAL sweet.


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