April 12, 2011

for the fans

A couple of people have mentioned my lack of blog updating recently. Knowing that I now have two readers is almost as exciting as Christmas morning (!!) so I figured I should please the people, suck it up and write something.

Several of my biffles (a.k.a. blogs that I stalk) use excuses like a) Ohh my baby has the stomach flu :( or b) I'm graduating this semester and am drowning in homework or c) I never get to see my hubby so he wins over the blog, to describe their blog slacking abilities. I wish I could use one of those, however I did not pop out a baby, get back in school, or get married within the past week so basically...

I'm lazy. And uninspired to write about anything. So just as any other uninspired blog writer would do, I am going to babble on endlessly about my week. Buckle up and get ready for this ride, baby.

We have exciting news in the Nan.

Oh hai, Yogli Mogli

That's right, more frozen yogurt up in here! Now there really is no reason to ever leave Newnan, right? Two whole frozen yogurt stores?! For all of you who are not in the know, frozen yogurt is the new cupcake. Once upon a time, cupcakes were the thing. Then frozen yogurt literally come out of nowhere and, if it were up to me, it would stay foreversies. 

I love me some froyo. Please never leave me.

Last week was spring break for the majority of Georgia which meant I had the week off from "my" kids. It was nice to have some time to...well, do nothing and I was kindofnotreally wanting to start this week. Pshhh, how could I forget how much I actually love children. I walked in today and Nicholas looked at me and told me how nice I looked. Then we had this lovely conversation over PB&Js:

N: So if I want to be your boyfriend what do we do?
E: We spend time together and go on dates.
N: What's a date?
E: When you really like someone you take them out somewhere like to eat, or to see a movie, or to do anything you want.
(N stares into space with some PB stuck to his lip)
N: Alright, I want to go see a car movie and then go get you some chocolate ice cream.

I'll work on the concept of froyo with him, but remembering chocolate is my favorite? High five little man.

On a completely different note, guess who is a smartypants and signed up for another 5k?

That's right, me. The person who loves running and never ever complains about it at all. Have I mentioned I love running and never ever complain about it at all? Hopefully, you've had time to get your giggles out about that piece of information. Should I have mentioned the 5k before I went off about eating my weight in froyo? Anyways, come rain or shine or hyperventilating and passing out, I'll be hitting the pavement (do I should like a real runner?) come Saturday. Most importantly, I get into the Sweetwater 420 Fest fo free. So basically, I'll be giving my race bib tear-off for a wristband to the highest bidder. Let's see how badly some of y'all want to go...

Let the bidding and sucking up and wooing begin.

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MaryCaroline said...

5K in how many more mornings? Can't wait to read about it!


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