March 30, 2011

building an ark and other madness in march

I realize that I have only been updating this blog with the Learn Something posts. Such a bad little blogger. But, I've got a good excuse. Erm, let me just think of it...

I actually really like doing the Learn Something posts because they are in list form. I love lists. I can hit all the high points and just move right along without getting too caught up on boring schmoring details or anything. Makes me sound like a super fun person to be around. I'll try not to write this post in list form but...

  • it
  • is
  • so
  • hard.
So, what has been/is going on? Rain. It's been going on awhile. I don't mind the dreariness and overcastness, but the rain? No really, go away. I'm not singing Rain, Rain, Go Away for kicks and giggles. I really want you to leave. My annoyance with the rain is the cold weather it has brought along for us to enjoy. I know, I know. I have lived in Georgia my whole life and should be completely used to the indecisiveness of our Mother Nature. Being used to it doesn't mean I like it. Outfit of choice yesterday: Long sleeve Christmas t-shirt, Georgia Tech sweatshirt, fleece jacket, wool socks. Outfit of choice exactly one week ago: Any sleeveless shirt, shorts. Say what? So, I'm building an ark. It will have heated flooring. Come join me. 
Buddy sits and mourns the rain. 

Now, let's move on to the most important question/topic of conversation these days. THOSE teams  made the Final Four?! My knowledge of basketball is about as vast as the amount of sun shining down this week, but because of a bet (that I will win) I have had no choice but to follow. I was really pulling for BYU just because uh, it's BYU, duh. That didn't work out so well. Now I'm really pulling for Butler because uh, I have some friends at Butler so I feel like there is a special connection there, of course. Either way, there is a whole lotta madness up in here. Get ready for this weekend. 

I think that covers most of the bases. Rain and basketball. There's not much else going on in the Nan other than sitting on babies which is

  • all
  • I
  • do.
But they are so cute so I'm good sitting on them for a little while longer. 

BRB. Gotta go get my ark building on. 

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MaryCaroline said...

An ark with a heated floor! Genius!


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