March 18, 2011

what's wrong with my socks? they match my underwear. a.k.a.--learn something

It's Friday/yepIlearnedsomegoodshtuffthisweek-day. Yay! Here is some of my new knowledge:

  • Nap time in the sun is the best. Warms you to the bone.
  • As obvious from my previous post, Scoutmob is a beautiful thing. And all you beautiful people should use it.
  • March Madness is aptly named. 
  • If you want St. Patrick's Day decorations, you need to shop before St. Patrick's Day. 
  • St John's mascot looks like an evil Elmo.
  • The Avett Brothers should be on repeat on my iPod. All. The. Time. Sing to me, bros. 
  • And for some seriousness, I need to stop complaining about the small things, erm, all the time.  
  • Baby G drinks more water a day than I do. (Baby G is 1 1/2). Amelia always answers with "Yes, m'am."--high five for manners. Seiler can beat me at almost every card game. Righton can meet and promptly become bff's with just about any kid at the park. Francie prefers playing with Ziploc bags to dolls. Nicholas thinks my lap is the only place to sit and it's cute. Bella loooves pot stickers and Little Miss Kindergartner Carina Li broke up with her bf because he had bad breath. And didn't tell him. For serious. Brush them teethies, guys. We've got some heart breakers out here. Basically, to sum up this point, kids are the greatest. Let's be more like them.
Time for some more learning. Go, go, go. And maybe watch some basketball, you know, if you're into that.

1 comment:

MaryCaroline said...

You also learned that it's possible for a space/room to be too dark for you. Even though that sounds incredibly unbelievable.


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