March 13, 2011

a love letter to scoutmob

Dearest Scoutmob, 

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love that I wake up every morning to a new steals and deals e-mail. 
How are you so faithful? I cannot tell.
I love thee exclusively, Groupon ain't got no chance.
I love thee wholly, you make me want to dance. 
I love the food that I get in my belly,
No more will I have to eat at cheap delis.
I love thee with a love that seems to grow
More everyday. -- I love thee with all my heart
As it beats and patters. -- and if you love me so,
I will use your deals until the day I depart.

Sum up of this post: My wonderful-movie worthy-best night ever Friday night in ATL is all thanks to Scoutmob. Ruth (my partner in winning) and I took over the city, one Scoutmob at a time. This takeover could potentially become a monthly (weekly? daily?) occurrence. Will keep y'all posted.

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