April 4, 2016

when coffee shops are the new bars

My Friday night this past Friday was pretty rockin'. (In case you were wondering, but of course you were wondering.)

Want to know what went down? I'll start at the very beginning. 


No, that's too long. Here are the Cliff Notes: when my best upper crust friend came into town to study anatomy with me, she introduced us to the game Dutch Blitz. We played it a lot. She left and our friends bought it and we played a lot. Friday night came around, and Freddie and I gave each other the look.

You know the one. Wink wink. Noooo, not that look. Gross, but the look of Are we going to go buy our own set of Dutch Blitz and play it all night tonight? Did we just become best friends?! Once that look had been exchanged we bought Dutch Blitz, drove to the nearest coffee shop that was still open, and played the game just the to two of us until the barista man closed up shop at nine o'clock. 

I failed at getting a picture of said craziness so enjoy this picture of Lupe trying to steal Freddie's toothpick.

As I was sipping on my caramel latte (because apparently I drink coffee now? But that's a story for another time) and sitting across from my hubster (can we bring back that hubby nickname? pls? it's just the right amount of ridiculous), I realized that this is what life slash marriage is all about. This right there. Realizing that coffee shops and card games are almost more fun than bars and not card games (i.e. glasses of vino while ruining your eardrums with the atrocious level of bar music volume).

sidebar (hehe bar, get it?): the past few times we have done the Friday night bar night route, I've just become annoyed because like, Bars! Come on. Maybe I want to be able to hear the person sitting two inches from my face when he/she talks to me! Okay?! I don't enjoy losing my voice faster than a couple of basic teenagers at a Fallout Boy concert (because apparently they are making a comeback just like the word hubster will be making a comeback)

sidebar sidebar: speaking of screaming, we went to a free Twenty One Pilots concert on Saturday, and that was interesting. Lots of face masks and scarves over heads all while playing music, singing, and doing backflips off of the piano. I did not get the memo to wear a crop top/no bra to said free concert, so I need a do-over. But anyways, back to my bra wearing, not boring Friday night.

Choose life people. And by that I mean choose to live your life by picking coffee shops and card games sometimes/all the time on Friday nights.

Other pretty rockin' things going on right now:
- I take my Pilates test out next Thursday. Insert the word terrifying instead of rockin'. Insert vomit.  
- Instagram still hasn't changed yet which means the world is still spinning.
- The Final Four is happening in Houston and all I know is that if Villanova wins then Freddie wins some dolla dolla bills so Go Villanova! or whatever people say. 
- Did I mention that I my Pilates test out weekend starts in less than two weeks?
- Time to go practice flexing my glenohumeral joint by using my bicep, anterior deltoid, coracobrachialis, and pectoralis major.


Desirae Endres said...

ahhhahaha this is so great. Nick and I love boring (not to us) Friday nights at breweries, because we like beer, and they also typically have board games and not loud music. And we always play connect four for hours. So basically I'm saying I think we could be friends!

Laura Darling said...

That sounds like a fun Friday night to me! :) We live in Philly so even though we have no money on the line we're hoping for a Villanova win too!

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Love this is so much! I definitely love just hanging out my hubster at home or somewhere low-key on a Friday night. I hate having to yell and losing my voice just to talk to somebody in a bar, it sucks! Hooray for venturing out in all of the Final Four chaos! If we had been home this weekend, I'm pretty sure (100% sure) that we would have avoided downtown at all costs lol!

The Siberian American said...

Yes to coffee shops vs bars! I hate having to yell at the person sitting a few inches away from me! Haha. Dutch Blitz sounds like such a fun game!

Meg Taylor said...

Your Friday sounds perfect to me!! Good luck to Freddie tonight - Go Nova!

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Erin LFF said...

Dutch Blitz is SOOOO MUCH FUN! I am amazing at it, FYI ;)

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Boo to bars and YAY to caramel lattes! And also board games and stuff. My two best friends (basically sisters), their mom (basically my second mom), Michael, and my mom played Cards Against Humanity last weekend and it was hilarious slash a tad uncomfortable (in the best way).

P!nky said...

I've never heard of that game before. Love me some caramel lattes.

Hi, I'm Susannah! said...

Heck yes! This is my kind of Friday night. ;-)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i want to know more about this game! i clicked on the link but i don't really understand so i gave up. i like bars like 4 times a year, but any more than that, no thanks. i like my eardrums and hearing people.


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