April 22, 2016

when it rains, it pours. and floods.

For those of you who watch the news/skim Twitter/scroll slowly through Facebook, you've probably seen that Texas was underwater this past Monday. 

That's a slight exaggeration. I mean, we personally were not physically underwater, but we also live on the sixth floor. If we had been in the basement of our building then we definitely would have been underwater. I know this because Ricky and I decided to walk down to the basement to see how high the water was getting, and well...we couldn't even get down the stairs to the basement so. Yeah. That answered that question.

Also, the dog park was underwater so we sent Lupe out there to play/swim in it.
KIDDING. Kidding. Ain't nobody got time to pick up whatever strange diseases the bayou water is carrying... 

side story: one time Freddie and I saw the most, ginormous, humongous, mutant catfish ever swimming in the bayou. Seriously, King Kong Catfish. Alert! Alert! Bayou is gross. Moving on. 

I can't help but think maybe this is God trying to tell me I need to build an ark. Or move back to Charleston. Or something. If you remember, we went through this whole flooding thing last Memorial Day weekend, and here we are almost a year later going through it again. Alas, I am not spending my time building an ark, nor am I spending my time calling up two of every animal. However if I do decide to call two of every animal, I do solemnly swear that I'll leave off mosquitoes this time. #thanksfornothingnoah
From left to right: Normal, Memorial Day 2015, Great Flood of 2016

In honor of The Great Houston Flood of 2016 (so far) (knock on wood) today's post is...
Five Things To Do When Houston Floods. Again. 

Pop champagne corks into the flooded waters. Because...why not?

Make jokes about driving around, but NEVER actually drive around. Seriously, I will never understand the people who try to drive down an underpass that is filled with water...



Say no to driving in the flood. Also say no to drugs because drugs might make you think you should drive down that flooded underpass. 

p.s.-remind me to write a post sometime about the time my mom drove us through flood waters and we had to abandon our car. Fun times!
p.p.s.-drugs were not involved in the making of the above story. 

Eat Nutella out of the jar for lunch because you just got back from a trip and hadn't gone to the grocery before the flooding started. Oops and also yum. 

Invite people to come over to play games before realizing no one has a helicopter to get places when it floods. Well, I'm sure the Coast Guard has helicopters to get places, but I don't think they would accept our game night invitation. Or maybe they would? Who knows. I'll save that to try during the next flood. 

Snapchat the bleep out of the flooding. We live right by the bayou so we can watch it get higher and higher (and lower and lower, post-rain ending). And when the bayou does flood, I don't think it counts if you don't Snapchat it. Right? Snap or it didn't happen? Is that what the cool kids say?

Jokes aside, we were/are safe, sound, and very fortunate to have suffered no damage to us or our home. Others were not so lucky, and we're sending lots of dry-flood-be-gone love to them. 

What would you do if your city was flooding?
Oh hey, that's about every week in Charleston, too!

Happy Friday!
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Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Holy crap that's a huge difference! Yikes! There was flooding here a couple months back and I don't understand why people drive in it either! So crazy. Ummm but now I NEED to hear that story.

Darcy said...

Oh my gosh that is a TON of rain!! Yikes! I would not leave my house haha.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I really think that the past two years have been such a fluke as far as the flooding in Houston is considered! It's just insane how much water we got on both of those days, and I can't remember anything being that bad except for Tropical Storm Alison like 15 years ago where there were littler 18 wheelers floating in the water on 59! Insane! I'm glad that y'all stayed safe and dry, and hopefully it'll dry out for all of those people that are flooded in still! It's hard to imagine people being flooded in on a gorgeous day like today! And yes, if you didn't put it on snapchat then it didn't happen!

Tracy said...

That's crazy! I don't think I've ever seen flooding like that in real life. Glad you guys live on the 6th floor and not in the basement ;)

Erin LFF said...

So crazy! Glad you guys are safe and up high, too! Hope you have enough Nutella to last a lil longer!! ;)

The Siberian American said...

That is such crazy flooding! Glad y'all are safe. Nutella out of a jar sounds like the perfect lunch to me. ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my gosh you had to abandon your car? yes, do tell. i never understand people who do silly things in cars. the weather looks insane. i'm not a nutella fan but i would eat pb out of the jar lol

Kayla MKOY said...

I can't IMAGINE what that's like!!! Thank goodness you guys are on the 6th floor and not the basement- sheesh!! Stay safe!!!!!


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