December 18, 2015

christmas cheer--blogger style

I know Christmas is not at all about gifts.
it kind of is.
Don't act like you don't get excited when you buy something secret for someone special. The shocked squeal they let out when they open said secret gift is the best.

It's almost as the best as whenever you notice a freshly wrapped present under the tree and it has your name on the tag. Hashtag for me?!

Okay, we're all in agreement that Christmas is a little, tiny bit all about the gifts? Good. In keeping with the A Little, Tiny Bit About Gifts theme this Christmas, I decided to take part in the Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange hosted by Olya and Mattie

There's not a whole lot I enjoy more than browsing stores at Christmastime. For example, I went in to World Market to pick up some items for the name I drew (Christina!), and somehow/1.5 hours later/$75 later/stocking stuffers for everyone later I left with a shopping bag almost as full as Santa's bag. 

Every time I would head towards the front to pay I would notice part of the Christmas maze in the middle of the store that was undiscovered. You can't leave World Market with Christmas mazes undiscovered! What if the key to all Christmas happiness (a.k.a. something chocolate related) lies within that one corner of the Christmas maze in which you did not enter?! ?!?! !!! How tragic. So yes. Point is: World Market stole an hour and a half of my day and $75 from my wallet and I'm a-okay with that. 

The Christmas Cheer package for me came when I was out of town for Pilates. Freddie opened it and said, "A package came for you. It's dog toys." Dog toys?! I didn't order dog toys? Did Lupe steal my computer and order himself dog toys? 

It took me about 48 hours to realize that A) It was the package from the gift exchange and B) Freddie is bad at telling me information. Because the package of dog toys ended up being a package with one dog toy, a bag of dog treats, and lots of things that weren't dog related at all. Communication is key in marriage, folks. We're rocking it. 

Jenn from hellorigby! sent me the cutest stuff. Going back to my point from the beginning of the post, gifts!! They are fun to open!! (and give). But open!
Has anyone smelled the magestic-ness that is A Thousand Wishes from Bath and Body Works? Because if not go smell it or find me and smell me. Trust me, that's how good this stuff smells---that it wouldn't be weird if you sniffed me. 
Peppermint dark chocolate and Kettle Pop Gum! (<<wut? I know). 
I also got this Marshmallow Fireside candle that was in Wednesday's post. Update: it's already below halfway burned. Oops and sorry not sorry and all of that. 

I couldn't believe how thoughtful it was of her to include Mr. Lups in the gift receiving. He has thoroughly enjoyed chasing and rolling around his new ball. And by thoroughly I mean he gets really confused when his paw touches it and it rolls away. This causes lots of paw moving the ball and chasing the ball time which then causes lots of nap time from said ball chasing so we're all happy.

A big Christmas Cheer filled thanks to Oyla and Mattie for hosting something so fun, and to Jenn for gifting something(s) so fun! Let's do it all again next year.

And by next year I mean around Valentine's Day because who says gift exchanges can't be quarterly? Wink.

Happy Friday!


Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Oh my goodness, you got the cutest things from Jenn! All of the Essie winter colors are so cute, and that's so sweet that she remembered your pup! I agree, we should do another one for Valentine's Day!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That nail colors are gorgeous!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I'm going to have to come find you and smell you. Ha!

Love those nail colors! And those pictures of Lupe with his ball are the cutest. Love everything you got!

And seriously, someone commented that next time they would join in and I said back, "Maybe we should do a Valentine's Day one!" I just really like to get mail, okay?!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

What kind of dog is Mr. Lups. He looks like my Walter (sort of). Looks like you got some amazing presents. So glad I found your blog from the link up!

The Siberian American said...

So I actually really like the Valentine's Day idea. Need to talk to Mattie. Haha!

Love love love your gifts! The nail polish colors are so pretty, and I love that she included a toy for your pup! :)

Meg Taylor said...

I will totally join in for a Valentine's Day swap if they organize one. This looks like so much fun and I love everything you received!

Making Restorations said...

So sweet that your pup was included too! It looks like you're really enjoying all of your gifts

Megan said...

Love your gifts! Thousand Wishes is my favorite B&BW scent so I hope they never discontinue it (like all the other favorites I've had in the past)! I love those nail polishes too. Those are all great colors!

Regine Karpel said...


Crystal said...

I love when people think to include gifts for pets! You got some awesome presents!

Jenn, said...

So happy you loved everything, and Rigby wanted to make sure Lupe got some blogger cheer too. ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

hashtag gifts are the best part about christmas for reals.


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