December 4, 2015

friday favorites: the flair f-edition

We're going to spice things up a bit today for our alliteration today. 

Five Freakin' Fantastic and Fun Flair that I think is cool for Christmas and am telling you about on a Friday.
Christmas gift blog
I guess I could add in another F by adding a sidebar of: ...that I think Freddie should get me. Hint hint. Or should I say fint fint for today? Or is adding the letter f in front of every word just going to annoying?

Anyways, in a non-annoying way that will make much more sense, let's just say that this is a list of cool things I think would make good gifts. Why didn't I start with that? 

Favorite Gift for the Music Lovers
Personalized Guitar pick -- Because anything with a pun makes for the best gift. <<study shows that or something. Just believe it. 

Favorite Gift for the fake Chef, a.k.a. my husband.
Meat grinder attachment for KitchenAid Mixer and/or a KitchenAid mixer.
Listen, I know you don't think you would use a meat/food grinder a lot, but trust me on this one. It's awesome. It's also awesome getting it as a gift because that means you have to write a thank you note for said gift, and lemme tell ya...there are no ways to write a thank you note for a meat grinder and not have it sound 100% dirty. Think about it.

Pro-tip: in getting a gift for a chef, make sure it is also something you, the professional taste tester for said chef, will also benefit from. 

Favorite Gift for People Who Can Pull Off Trends
Tassel earrings. But especially these, these, and these. I just don't think I'm at a point in my life where I am confident enough to wear tassels on my ears, but I want you to do it so I can try to get more brave and do it as well. Thanks. 

Favorite Gift for the Pilates guru
Zella Live Free Tee -- Because even when the AC in the studio is blasting and you have cold sweat, you still gots ta look cute. 

Favorite Funny Must-Have Gift for everyone
Pie Kelly -- I can add no commentary to this. It is everything on its own. 

Happy First Friday of December!
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birdie to be said...

What fun picks! I love that top!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

OH MY GOD I NEED THAT PRINT! That is my favorite song of all time. And now I'm super proud because it's made by someone in Portland. You go Portland. Hahaha.

Also Zella is the best and that top is so cute.

Darcy said...

that guiatar pick is such a unique idea!!

TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

uau! the guitar pick is such a cool gift for a musical freind! and the gold and blue earings! omg so cute!

loved your blog and i'm following you! please visit my blog and follow me back, if you want of course! :)


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