January 13, 2015

smoothie king

Once upon a time I claimed Sperry's were the dumbest shoes ever. Then suddenly I had to have a pair. Had to. 

Once upon a time I claimed I would never get married outside. In a strapless dress. With my hair up. Then once upon a time I did get married outside. In a strapless dress. With my hair up.

Once upon a time I laughed at people making and drinking smoothies like they had just made an entirely new discovery. Then on this past Sunday I decided that I needed to be making and drinking at least one smoothie or else I would never be cool or healthy again. 

See a pattern? I eat my words a lot. Okay, I eat my words 90% of the time.
Speaking of eating, let's go back and talk about the non-eating task of smoothie making. 

There I was on Sunday, in the kitchen (as all women should be) and determined to make a mean smoothie. As I told Freddie my plan to add in water and spinach and such, he looked at me like I was nuts. 

He continued to look at me like I was nuts as my smoothie kind of turned into a sludge. I assured him I knew what I was doing and that it was totally supposed to look like that. I said a quick Please Dear Lord, help this smoothie not to taste like sludge prayer before I sipped it and lo and freaking behold, it didn't taste half bad.

Ha! Take that, Mr. Judgey Eyes Weiss. I was successful in the kitchen. No one can stop me now! I'll be a smoothie maker for the stars. My sludge will be famous worldwide. Everyone will be healthy and toned and lean all thanks to my smoothies that taste only not half bad. 

My mind continued to wander as Freddie shooed me out of his room the kitchen explaining that he was going to fix my mess. 

4 minutes and a lot of Ninja-ing later Freds turned the corner with a better looking, smelling, and tasting smoothie. It was delicious. Period. No further explanation needed. 

I did what any proud woman would do. I threw my smoothie creation down the drain and filled up my cup with his smoothie. 

Once upon a time I said I should marry a man who was good in the kitchen. And I did.
The End. 


Kayla MKOY said...

I wish I had a Ninja! So fun!!!!!! Always love that wedding pic of you. Too dang gorgeous!

Helene in Between said...

Haha I am the same EXACT way about these things. i say I'm NEVER going to do it.... then I do it and I'm like oh...


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